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Day 1:Back & Biceps

During my previous video series—the 12-Week Muscle-Building Trainer—I primarily used free weights, so this time I want to take advantage of all the machines available for a different feel and pace, but my selection of machines isn’t essential to you. If you don’t have them available to you, perform exercises that mimic a similar movement.

Today we begin our journey in my native country of Wales. We will be training from one of my favorite gyms, which I believe is one of the very best hardcore gyms in the world—Peak Physique in Cardiff.

We begin our back workout by prioritizing a reverse-grip pulldown to target the thickness and width of lats, which provides a three-dimensional look from every angle.

After we are done with back, we will be hitting biceps. Remember to focus on the squeeze and contraction to better enhance the mind/muscle connection.


Morning cardio

30 Minutes
300 Twists


Reverse-Grip Pulldowns
Neutral-Grip Pulldowns 55/105/10/15
Reverse-Grip Machine Rows 5, 5/10, 5/10/15
T-Bar Rows 5, 5/10, 5/10/15
Machine Preacher Curls 5, 5/10, 5/10/15
Biceps Cable Curls 5, 5/10, 5/10/15


Seated Calf Raises 5, 10, 15
Superset with Hanging Leg Raises 3 x FAILURE

Post-workout cardio

30 Minutes

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Day 11:Legs

Day 6:Active Rest Day

Overview: Program

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