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Day 2:Shoulders & Triceps

We are back in Peak Physique Gym in Cardiff to obliterate shoulders and triceps.

Make sure you reach failure close to the reps I have recommended. Sometimes you will go several reps over and others under. This will be trial and error to begin with, which is the only way to truly figure out the essential weight best suited for you. During my second set of shoulder press in today’s video, I performed 10 reps before making my drop set, when in fact I was supposed to reach failure at 5 reps. Occasionally this will happen but never stop, just continue until failure is reached and make a note of it to ensure that next week you adjust the weight accordingly.

Please note that we aren’t to begin with 5 reps to failure when training triceps as we did with shoulders. This is to eliminate strain to the elbows with an overload of weight. Instead, concentrate your overload to the triceps via contractions and blood flow.

Morning cardio

30 Minutes
300 Twists


Military Machine Press
Reverse Pec Deck Flyes
Machine Lateral Raises
Machine Shrugs
Triceps Pressdowns
Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extensions


Close-Grip Chest Press

10, 10/15, 10/15/20

Post-workout cardio

30 Minutes

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