Day 23: Shoulder & Triceps

As we begin to deplete a little more, it is quite easy to forget how quickly fatigue sets in, until we have begun our first set. Be sure to chart your workouts in your BodySpace profile on (particularly your weight sessions in the workout tracker).

Focus more on the contraction and pump of the muscle rather than the huge weights you were once lifting. Remember, it’s important to stay injury free which can be more likely as our body fat begins to shave off.

Remember, you will be on the same amount of carbs today as you were yesterday. So, as a reminder (because I know that your brain is getting a little fried right now), here is the formula for today:

.47 x lb of lean muscle. Example: 200 lb x .47 = 94 g of starch carbs daily

By taking PRE-KAGED (my pre-workout) it will help buffer lactic acid build-up which helps prevent physical fatigue, prolong ATP, increase mental focus, energy production, and blood flow.

IN-KAGED (my intra-workout) will keep you hydrated, focused, intense, and will allow you to maintain electrolyte function. My RE-KAGED helps recover and replenish my inflamed, catabolic, and free radical ravaged muscles. Remember to take RE-KAGED before you perform your cardio, which will further increase the transport time as the hydrolysis of this protein takes place after the inclusion of its enzyme breaks down the isolates within.

Today’s shoulder and triceps workout is made up of isolated exercises to further focus on each muscle as a primary mover.

Rear delts are the dreaded weakness on most, including me, so we will rightfully prioritize them today with lying rear raises lying face down on a bench for support. We will further tear down the fibers in the posterior, anterior, and lateral heads of the deltoid to guarantee separation and definition so they are shoulders worthy of the moniker “pumpkins.”

Now that the synovial fluid has lubricated the joints and the blood flow is in the upper body, it makes sense to torture the triceps to further complement the upper torso limbs.

Later, separately, you will perform your calf and upper abs movements in superset fashion before knocking another 55 minutes of cardio.

Morning cardio

50 Minutes
300 Twists


Chest-Support Rear Delt Raises
10/510/10, 20
Around The Worlds
10/510/10, 20
Incline Front Dumbbell Raises
10/510/10, 20
Machine Shrugs
10/510/10, 20
Triceps Pressdowns
10/510/10, 20
Cable Overhead Triceps Extensions

10/510/10, 20

One-Arm Cable Triceps Kickbacks

10/510/10, 20



Seated Calf Raises 10/5, 10/10, 20
Superset with Weighted Sit-Ups 3 x FAILURE

Post-workout cardio

45 Minutes

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