Day 25:Legs

It’s our last leg day of this video series, so make sure it’s a good one. A lot of focus is placed on our isolation movements to better contract and get a pump out of our carb depleted, tired, and restless legs. Your body will battle against you but your mental strength has the power to fight back. Change your perception; think of the people who don’t have the luxury of training in a gym. Think of those who have disabilities that prevent them from training. You have the ability, so take advantage of it. Fight the pain and fight the doubt. We have to do some unnatural things in the gym if you want unnatural results outside of it. Let’s grow!

Again, your carbs will be the same as yesterday. Here is your reminder:

 .35 x lb of lean muscle. Example: 200 lb x .35 = 70 g of starch carbs daily

Morning cardio

45 Minutes
300 Twists


Leg Extensions
10/5, 10/10, 20
Hack Squats
10/5, 10/10, 20
Seated Leg Curls
10/5, 10/10, 20
Single-Leg Curls
10/5, 10/10, 20


Post-workout cardio

45 Minutes

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