Day 28:Final Day

It’s our last day. It’s time to take your “after” images. Begin by increasing your carbs to help you get a slight pump before taking your pictures. Here is today’s final formula for your carb-load:

.50 x lb of lean muscle (for 1 day) photo day—morning carb up to fill out 
Example: 200 lbs x .50 = 100 g of starch carbs daily

Try to get the majority, if not all of your carbs in several hours before you take the pictures to give your body time to digest and assimilate the extra calories.

Try to take these images against a blank backdrop. If possible, take them in the same place as where your “before” pictures were taken. My “before” and “after” images were shot in two different rooms because a mirror had been fitted during the four weeks where my initial pictures were taken. I recommend that you have your “before” images on hand so you can mimic the same poses, lighting, etc., to better see and accurately judge your transformation over these very short four weeks.

I later celebrated my transformation by getting a new tattoo on the back of my neck. Be sure to reward yourself. Remember, it doesn’t have to be food. Let’s use these four weeks as a springboard to our next leap in physical and mental evolution. If you want to pack on muscle mass, try my new 8-Week Daily Muscle-Building Video Trainer HERE. And when you are ready to cut again, this series will always be waiting for you.


AM Cardio:   55 minutes
300 Twists
PM Cardio: 55 minutes 


Congratulations and thank you for being my training partner and accountable friend during the past 4 weeks.

I hope I served as the same for you!





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