Day 3:Active Rest Day

Today is a non-training day but that doesn’t mean it’s a day off. I call this an active rest day. We still have to perform both morning and evening cardio sessions and our 300 twists to ensure that our skin around the midsection maintains its natural collagen secretion to improve its elasticity.

Cardio, on active rest days, this week are 10 minutes longer per session than on weight-training days, meaning we have an extra 20 minutes in total to accumulate. We aren’t expending the calories as we would on a training day, so there is no need to worry about doing a little extra cardio so soon into the plan—the focus is on efficiency and quality, not only quantity. 

Pay particular focus on taking in all of your supplements, meals, and fluids because we need to apply 100% intensity, effort, and strength to power through tomorrow’s workout.

During this entire program, you will be consuming 1.18 g of lean protein per pound of bodyweight. Only for this week, you will be taking in .65 g starch carbs (not including fibrous) of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight. Here is an example for a 200-lb person:

Daily Lean Protein Requirements

200 lb x 1.18 = 236 g of lean protein per day

Daily starch carb requirements

Week 1: 200 lb x .65 = 130 g of starch carbs daily 


AM Cardio:   40 minutes
300 Twists
PM Cardio: 40 minutes 


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