DAY 14:Active Rest Day

Eating out while on this transformation is entirely possible; you just have to know how to control your environment. Sticking to salads with something lean like chicken or white fish and grilled potatoes keeps things clean. I often have to make special requests and ask for egg whites only. It can be done, just be particular about what you order and make sure your food isn’t cooked in any grease or oil.

For more active recovery I’ve decided to do some paddle boarding with some friends. Doing something like this, you’ll not only burn extra calories, you’ll also give yourself a mental break from the day-to-day stresses of working life. As the weather and company was so good, I hosted a BBQ where I cooked some asparagus, salmon and lean meats for all to enjoy. As always, I’m making sure these all fit my macros, but this just illustrates how this program can also allow for some great tasting food as well as amazing results.


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