Day 20:Active Rest Day

I’m getting outside on my active rest day as always and making the most of it. This time I’m camping at the beautiful Pettit Lake here in Boise. You might think doing things like this is going to be impossible while on a training program like this, but it’s not! Like I keep saying, all you have to do is remain in control of your environment, which in this case means packing the necessary cooking equipment and food to prepare. For breakfast I cooked up some potatoes, steak, egg whites and mushrooms, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

To get more activity into my day, we then hiked up the mountain to Alice Lake where I wore my heart rate monitor to ensure my HR was sitting at 65–70% of my maximal level. While at the top, I enjoyed a ready prepared Ezekiel bread sandwich with steak, peppers and salad. Again, this is here to illustrate to you that this program is all about planning ahead! Whenever you’re out and about, don’t forget your water and make sure you’ve added HYDRA-CHARGE.

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