Day 34:Active Rest Day

Today I’m giving blood to the Red Cross, which is always a nice deed. If you’re fortunate enough to be healthy and you’re taking care of yourself, why not go one step further and share that with somebody who needs it? It’s also a great thing to do for your own health, a bit like an oil change in your car. As you give blood, your body will naturally rejuvenate your levels by producing more, making you a more efficient machine.

Go out and do something positive for someone today. Tag me and use hashtag #Hardcoretrainer2 so I can see what you decide to do. It always feels great to help people or do something positive!

I’ve been listening to audio books, as well as reading a physical book, while doing my cardio on the StairMaster today. Try and use this process to fine-tune your time management so that other areas of your life benefit as well. If you’re able to educate yourself while doing cardio, you’re actually learning and getting healthier at the same time. Don’t just waste these moments each day aimlessly doing nothing!


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