Day 36:Quads & Calves

Can you believe that week 6 is already here? Usually at the start of every week I check-in with a weight update, however, this morning the batteries in my scales died and I have no spare ones in the house! Smart move, Kris. Anyway, I’m going to have to do my weigh-in tomorrow morning on a fasted stomach instead. Remember that keeping the environment exactly the same is imperative when you’re tracking weight because this feedback is so important.

I’m just going to check that you’ve now upped your daily twists to 300 per day, right? These are awesome for helping the skin around your waist stay tight as you shed the fat. While we’re on reminders, both your AM and PM cardio sessions now go up to 45 minutes each.

We’ve got another leg day ahead of us which is going to be a huge one, so make sure you’re armed with PRE-KAGED and a mind ready for war, because you’ll need it. This week we’re sticking with the DTP extreme principle, but this time around we’re using more exercises to really take these muscles down! As your body fat comes down you will find this harder, so just keep referring to the program, rest periods and rep ranges as a means of accountability.

Tag me on your socials using #HardcoreTrainer2 and let me know.  Please don’t forget to. Catch you in the gym!



Morning Cardio - 45 Minutes

Quads & Calves Workout


1. Leg Extensions
3 Sets x 20,15,10 REPS

- 60 seconds of rest between sets.


2. Squats
 3 Sets x 20, 25, 30 Reps

- 60 seconds of rest between sets


3. Leg Press
3 Sets x 20,15,10 Reps

- 60 seconds of rest between sets


4. Hack Squats (narrow)
3 Sets x 20,15,10 Reps

- 60 seconds of rest between sets



5. Seated Calf Raises
6 Sets x 30, 25, 20, 10, 15, 20 Reps

- 30 seconds of rest following the first set.
- 25 seconds of rest following the second set.
- 1 minutes of rest following the third set.
- 10 seconds of rest following the fourth set.
- 15 seconds of rest following the fifth set.


Morning Cardio - 45 Minutes

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