DAY 5:Upper Back & Calves

Before my workout today, I’ll be having my cryotherapy and back alignment done as part of my weekly ritual to stay healthy. You’ve got to be willing to invest in your well-being out of the gym so that you progress within it. Ever since I adopted these new habits, my recovery has improved a lot.

What forms of physical therapy do you use regularly? Tag me on your socials with #HardcoreTrainer2 and let me know!

One thing I’m already noticing in this transformation, which you will as well, is the instant growth in appetite. This is a good thing because it shows that the diet is stimulating my metabolism, as it should, which is why I’m hungry. Embrace it!

Let’s crush back and calves.



Morning Cardio - 20 Minutes

Upper Back & Calves Workout

Upper Back

1. Lat Pulldowns
3 Sets x 10–12 reps
*Add vinyl handles to straight-bar attachment.
- 90 seconds of rest between sets


Superset (3 Sets)

2a. Pullups
10 Reps
2b. Rope Lat Pulldowns
10 Reps
- 60 seconds of rest between supersets


Superset (3 Sets)

3a. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row
10 reps each arm
3b. Single-Arm Inverted Row
10 reps each arm
- 90 seconds of rest between supersets.


Superset (3 Sets)

4a. Dumbbell Pullovers
15 reps
4b. Standing Dumbbell Shrugs
15 reps
- 60 seconds of rest between supersets


5. Seated Calf Press
5 x 20 reps
- 60 seconds of rest between sets


Evening Cardio - 20 Minutes

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