Day 56:Photo Shoot Day

Your big day is here; everything you've worked for over the last 8 weeks is about to be shown in the photos you take today. There are several steps you must take in order to present your physique in the best possible light, to illustrate your results. This is exactly what I’m doing in order to prepare for my after photos.

Step1: Take 10 g of fermented Citrulline in the morning to help increase your blood flow. This will help dilate your capillaries so that you get a better pump, giving your muscles a fuller look.

Step 2: You must keep your fluids the same as you’ve done for the duration of this program, along with HYDRA-CHARGE and Creatine HCl. This ensures that you’re not going to dehydrate the muscle cells in your body, which would only leave you looking depleted rather than full.

Step 3: Pump up! Choose one exercise per body part (not legs), and do 3 or 4 sets to around 70% of failure. This isn’t about killing the muscles now; you’re just aiming to get as much blood as you can into your upper body to give the illusion of size, separation and symmetry. Enjoy this process, as this is the final part of the puzzle before you take your photos.

Step 4: Remember to take your extra carbs in today so that you’ve got the glycogen needed in order to fill out for your photos. You’ve been depleting all week in preparation for this influx in carbohydrates, so get them in.

Step 5: Take your photos! Take lots of photos from different angles and in different light. However, make sure you’ve got some which are in the same position/lighting as your before shots. This will give the truest reflection of your progress, which is what you want.

What’s Next?

That’s you done! We have reached the end and you’ve got your results to show the world, which I want you to use to inspire a new wave of KAGED MUSCLE® transformees. Don’t just stop here, let this become a new way of life by setting new goals. If your new goal is to build muscle now, remember what I said about reverse dieting and tapering your cardio down. Remain in control now that you have gained it and become the best version of you possible! It’s been a pleasure doing this transformation together. I’m glad you could make it.


Until next time,.


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