DAY 7:Active Rest Day

A week goes by fast! A point I need to bring up is that anybody can start this program, but very few will actually see it through all the way to the end. You need to make sure that you are equally as committed to this program today as you were on day 1. Time will pass you by quickly and you’ll only live to regret any inaction that you justify at the end.

As it’s another active rest day, I got my first cardio session done early, and then headed out to do some wakeboarding with friends in the sun! Don’t let this trainer be a reason to become reclusive. You can balance the results you want with being sociable as long as you control your environment. Today I packed all of my meals and my KAGED MUSCLE supplements so that I stay on track while having a great time out on the boat. You need to do the same!

I’ll catch you in the gym tomorrow for the beginning of week 2. Enjoy your day off because you’ll need the energy for the leg session I’ve got planned for you.


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