DAY 8:Quads, Lower Abs & Calves

It’s already the first weigh-in day of the transformation and I’m happy to report that I’m down from 224.6 to 222 lbs. This week both daily cardio sessions are going up to 25 minutes to keep that fat furnace burning. 

Statistically, there are a lot of people who will already be falling behind just a week into their transformation. This really pisses me off and I hope you’re not one of those people! Just keep getting through the days and let the results happen.

Are you ready for another savage leg workout, with lower abs and calves added in for good measure? Let’s do it!


Morning Cardio - 25 Minutes

Quads, Lower Abs & Calves Workout


1. Leg Extensions
3 Sets x 20, 10, 20* Reps
*Use resistance bands for added intensity.
- 45-second rest between sets


2. Leg Press
5 Sets x 30, 20, 10, 20, 30 pause reps
(2 second pause)
legpress-position-a leg-press-position-b
*Use resistance bands for added intensity 
- 60-second rest between sets 


3. Alt. Barbell Lunge & Squat Combo
3 Sets x 10 reps each exercise
alternating-squat-lunge-position-a alternating-squat-lunge-position-b
alternating-lunge-squat-position-c alternating-lunge-squat-position-d
- 60 seconds of rest between sets.



4. Seated Calf Press
5 Sets x 30, 20, 10, 20, 30 Reps
*Use resistance bands for added intensity 
- 60 seconds of rest between sets 


 Lower Abs

Triple Set  (3 Sets)

5a. Lying Incline Leg Raise
15 Reps
lying-incline-position-a lying-incline-position-b
5b. Exercise Ball Knee Tucks
20 Reps
lying-knee-tuck-position-a lying-knee-tuck-position-b
5c. Bodyweight Plank
30 Second Hold
Plank-one-position Plank-one-position
- 60 seconds of rest between Circuits


Evening Cardio - 25 Minutes

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