Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin

Originally from Wales, Kris Gethin has established himself as one of the most versatile fitness entrepreneurs in the industry. Before founding Kaged Muscle, Kris competed as a lifetime natural pro bodybuilder, placing as high as second place in the Natural World Championships. As a personal trainer, his clients have included Bollywood celebrities, billionaire businessmen, and champion athletes. In between training clients, he has certified more than 800 personal trainers. Somehow, this tireless innovator found time to co-found a health club franchise called Kris Gethin Gyms. He has shared his extensive knowledge through books, newsletters, videos, and podcasts.

Now, he’s moved into nutrition sector with Kaged Muscle, a company dedicated to creating cutting-edge, ultra-premium sports nutrition supplements for athletes of all types. All of Kris’s pursuits are consistent with his mission of helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

Says Kris: “My purpose in life is to help people improve their health, fitness, and performance goals through Kaged Muscle supplements, my ‘Knowledge and Mileage’ podcast, my published books, Kaged Muscle newsletters, online Video Trainers, and hacking people’s potential.”


“Midlife Crisis” by Faith No More

“Ace of Spades” by Motorhead

“Hello” by Lionel Richie


“My nutritional protocol is balanced with healthy fats such as avocado, MCTs, egg yolks and various nuts and seeds,” says Kris. “I eat a lot of organic fibrous carbs, complex carbs, and lean protein sources. I eat around six meals per day for several days of the week, and intermittently fast a couple of days per week for autophagy purposes. However, I still take most of my supplements during my fast.”


Kris has a varied approach to training that’s consistent with his wide range of athletic pursuits, which range from bodybuilding to ultra-marathons where he runs for hours at a time. “My training style is mostly made up of DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle), which is high volume and very high intensity. I believe in hybrid athleticism, so although I train and look much like a bodybuilder, I also train and compete in ultra-marathons, Ironman, Spartan races, and other events.”

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