Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig

A lifelong natural competitor, Michael began his bodybuilding journey as a thin 14-year-old. Exceptionally tall for his age at 6’0”, he weighed only 140 lb. But that changed after his father bought him a Joe Weider weight set and instructional books. One year later, Michael had added 30 lb to his frame, and had photos of his progress featured in Weider’s publication, Flex magazine. Thus began a lifetime of passionate dedication to mastering exercise and nutrition science.

Now, 41 years old, Michael is still improving, and helping others attain their physique goals. A certified trainer/manager at Elite Training Tulsa, he has published five eBooks, produced three daily video trainers, competes as an IPE Natural Pro (Men's Physique and Classic Physique), and is a popular fitness model. After years of coaching high-profile clients and everyday exercisers alike, Michael was recently selected by the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) as their “2018 Honor Graduate” out of 300,000 ISSA trainers worldwide.

As he continues to train and compete into his 40s, Michael preaches “consistency over perfection,” stressing that it’s not where you start your fitness program, but how you finish. Says Michael: "Don't let your age and current condition ever hold you back from being your best." 


Almost any song by Papa Roach

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Almost any song by Rage Against the Machine


Michael approaches nutrition as a lifestyle commitment that doesn’t deviate too much during the year. “I've eaten generally the same for years now. It’s become a lifestyle, which makes contest prep easy,” he says. “My diet is always high protein, low fat, with a good amount of carbs of varying amounts, depending on if I am building muscle offseason or cutting for a contest.” His does enjoy his cheat meals, but within reason. 

“I have always been about balance, so I do have my favorite treats on a weekly basis, unless I am 14 days out from a contest.”  


With decades of training experience, Michael’s developed a wide spectrum of different approaches to get the job done. But intensity is a must. Says Michael: “I tend to train high volume and extremely intense, often incorporating techniques like rest-pause, negatives, tempo training, and more. I pay attention to attacking muscles at all angles and finding creative ways to do that.”

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