Tawna Eubanks

Tawna Eubanks

IFBB Bikini star Tawna Eubanks is a multi-talented athlete with a background in dance, cheerleading, and beauty pageants. A bikini pro for eight years, Tawna's experience performing onstage have helped her develop the poise and skills necessary for her role as an accomplished posing coach. "My love for the stage has given me a platform to give back to other girls," she says.

Tawna has always had a passion for fashion and works as a professional stylist with a fitness dothing company. Born and raised in Texas, she's a self-described "travel junkie," who enjoys seeking out new places around the world with her husband, Greg.

But despite all of her extra pursuits outside of the gym, Tawna remains a dedicated athlete, committed to intense training to keep improving to be her best Growing up, she played basketball, volleyball, and competed in the high jump, and she is eager to share her training and nutrition knowledge with others.1 enjoy empowering women to be confident, be active, be goal driven, and to act on their dreams,' she says.

Tawna created Kaged Muscle's 13 Weeks to a Bikini-Ready Bode a program designed to help women get a bikini body in time for the beach. This exclusive daily video trainer can help any woman improve her body in only two months.

Though all of her passions keep her busy, Tawny still takes time for the important things in life. If I'm not jet setting then I'm spending some quality time with my friends and family," she says. "I do a little bit of everything, and sometimes it can get overwhelming, but I wouldn't have it any other way!"


"Savior" by Bassjackers
"Play Hard" by David Guetta (Spencer & Hill Remix)
"Fuel Tank" by joyryde


Tawna doesn't overcomplicate her eating plan, and takes full advantage of her cheat meals. "I like simplicity and a regular routine, so my nutrition is pretty basic," she says. "I eat six meals a day every 2-3 hours. I try to keep a well-balanced diet of lean proteins, complex carts, healthy fats, and some fruits. I am human though and thh girl >con, eat so I have a cheat meal or two a week depending what my fitness goals are at that time."


As a lifelong athlete, Tawna is serious about training, and that means good, old-fashioned iron. "I'm boy but mighty!" she says. "I'm all about weight training. I'm training 5-6 days a week with weights, usually for about one-and-a-half hours. Depending on my goals, I rotate between a full body strength training program and a high-rep, body part split routine."

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