Rest Day:Gym Bag:Saturday

Rest Day:Gym Bag:Saturday

Whenever you go to the gym you need your gym bag with you. It’s an essential part of your journey. It allows you to carry all the necessary things to the gym, so nothing gets forgotten about.

Here is a short list of things I’d consider essential for your gym bag: 

  • PRE-KAGED: this is the perfect pre-workout supplement to help get your mind focused and body physically prepared for the workout. Taking it about 30 minutes before your training session will allow the nutrients to travel through your bloodstream.
  • Water & Hydra-Charge: every gym should have water available, but just in case, bring your own and add some Hydra-Charge to help get your natural electrolytes in.
  • IN-KAGED: this intra-workout supplement helps your body to keep performing, fight fatigue, and push hard through your sets.
  • Lifting belt & straps: these pieces of equipment help protect your back and wrists, which will help you train harder. You will definitely want to use these items on your heavy, compound exercises.
  • RE-KAGED: there’s only one way to finish your workout and that is with fast digesting hydrolyzed whey isolate provided by RE-KAGED. Have your shaker cup ready with a serving of RE-KAGED and get it down as soon as your workout finishes.
  • Gym towel & grooming products: you’ll need a towel to wipe down the equipment you use as proper gym etiquette. You’ll also need a fresh one for your post-workout shower along with your shower gel and hair products. It’s all about presentation, feeling good and looking good!

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