Day 34 Active Rest Day

I need to do my HIIT cardio before I go into the Arnold Expo. One of my life hacks is to use the back stairways in hotels for cardio. Just make sure you prop the door open so you don’t get trapped inside the stairwell. Also make sure you take your phone with you just in case someone removes your door prop.

After four minutes of easy climbing and descending, I perform my intense minute of HIIT cardio. Then, for the next interval, I go with 2 steps for my HIIT. Three sets in the stairwell of this 20-story building, and I’m done. This is something you can do whenever you’re traveling.

But don’t forget your steady-state cardio at the end of the day. I’m so glad it’s not a weight-training day and that I’m able to do cardio to recover while I’m on this intense program. Who’s the a-hole who thought up this program? Don’t buy into that voice in your head that says you need a break. What you need is active rest to recover and get the most from my program.





4 minutes easy/1 minute full intensity for a total of 15 minutes

Steady-state cardio



20 minutes



Even though I’m traveling, I’ll still be consuming higher fats and lower carbs. You can’t neglect your diet while you’re away from home. While you may go out for dinner later, you still need to fast for 16 hours after that last meal. It doesn’t matter what time you have that last meal on your Saturdays. The key thing is to go 16 hours before you have your next meal. I have a photo shoot tomorrow, and I’ll be fasting through that. Yikes.

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