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Day 56 Final Day

This is the last day of this the 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer, but it’s the first day of something else—your next goal. You shouldn’t focus your goals short term. While you’ve followed an 8-week program designed to encourage muscle building, you shouldn’t limit yourself. My hope is that you take away the idea that you have created greater discipline and improved your health long term.

I’m fasting today even though I’m traveling. I’ll break my fast after I get through security at the airport. I like to say that knowledge without mileage is bullshit. If you travel a lot, then get out wherever you are and explore by performing cardio.

We often encourage ourselves to believe that increasing muscle mass is important at the expense of all other goals. I hope that this Trainer series has convinced you that health and increasing muscle mass should be fully in sync. Never sacrifice one for the other.






4 minutes easy/1 minute full intensity for a total of 15 minutes

Steady-state cardio



20 minutes



Nurture yourself for the long term. You’ve seen what I do on a daily basis through this 8-Week Muscle-Building Trainer, including avoiding foods that contain harmful chemicals. This is not a hard sell. What we have done is create a company that meets my standards of health to support a vibrant life for all of us.

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