5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Do you regularly feel that dreaded energy slump? Whether you notice it setting in at 11AM, or you manage to make it until mid-afternoon before you crash, almost every single one of us has been hit by low energy before.

Did you know that you have a lot of control over your daily energy levels? You don’t have to feel like you need a nap halfway through the afternoon if you structure your nutrition properly throughout the day.

With summer now upon us, you’ll want to make use of the longer daylight hours, getting more done each day. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways you can help harness your natural energy levels and feel great from morning to night.

Tightly Regulate Your Carbs  

Of all the nutrients that can have an impact on your energy levels, carbohydrates are definitely the most powerful. While protein helps keep your energy levels stable, that’s only because of how it interacts with the carbohydrates you eat.

Likewise, fat can provide a steady source of energy, but since it is so slow digesting, it won’t likely cause an energy surge or crash. On the other hand, carbs will. 

The thing with carbs is that if you don’t eat enough of them, you’ll likely notice a steady decrease in your energy throughout your entire day. On the other hand, if you eat too many, you’ll find yourself in a ‘carb coma’, where your body feels sleepy and fatigued due to the influx of sugar. 

Your best bet? Moderate doses of carbs spread out evenly across your day. This will keep your blood sugar levels more stable and can ensure that you maintain the right calorie intake.

Add a few more carbs before times when you know you’ll be more active, such as pre-workout, and cut back during the meals where you are less active, such as sitting at your work desk all day.

The quantity of carbs you eat will depend on your own personal needs, but most people will do best consuming between 15 and 50 grams of carbs per meal depending on what they have planned in the hours ahead and their body composition goals. Eating more than 50 grams at a meal is likely to spark that sluggish effect.

Achieve Optimal Hydration

Dehydration is another factor that can lead to high levels of fatigue. As the temperature heats up, you’ll need more water than normal so be sure that you’re getting enough.

Focus on calorie free beverages to avoid excess sugar which can lead to weight gain. While those summertime slurpies may look delicious, they’re going to pack in way too much sugar to keep you feeling your best – and keep your body weight under control. 

If you want something flavored, try KAGED MUSCLE Hydra-Charge electrolyte supplement. Not only will this make your water taste great, but it’s designed to help your body reach a state of maximum hydration as well.

Check Your Breathing

While this isn’t nutritional, it’s a helpful and easy tip to use! As silly as it may sound, your breathing – or lack thereof – could be having a significant influence on your energy level. If you work at an office job, there is a good chance you’re slumped over a desk for much of the day and not really focusing on taking deep breaths in and out. 

It’s time to change this. Every hour, set a timer to go off on your desk. When it does, take five deep breaths. Slowly breathe in for a count of five seconds, hold for two to three seconds, and then breathe out for five seconds. 

When you aren’t taking deep enough breaths, you aren’t taking in enough oxygen to the brain and muscles, thus fatigue is highly likely to set in. Give it a try and see what a difference this makes in your ongoing energy levels. 

Sip Some Green Tea

Another nutritional source you can use to improve your energy and boost your health at the same time is to sip green tea during the day. This will help keep you well hydrated, and the mild dose of caffeine contained in green tea will keep your energy up.

The bonus with green tea over coffee is that the dose of caffeine isn’t high enough to cause an energy crash, leaving you feeling worse off than before. If you rely on numerous cups of coffee during the day, you’ve likely experienced how bad that crash can be. 

Green tea has also been proven to help reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and may also help to improve muscle utilization of glucose after exercise as well. 

Take Some Amino Acids

Finally, if you’re training hard, you may be feeling fatigued due to lack of recovery from those sessions. The best way around this? Branched chain amino acids. These amino acids, when taken during and after your workout, and even once on your rest days, provide your muscles with everything they need for a fast and effective repair and recovery process. This may result in you feeling a steadier stream of energy throughout the day. 

Check out the KAGED MUSCLE fermented BCAA 2:1:1 product which will give you the highest quality BCAAs in a convenient, single scoop format. 

Next time you’re feeling that energy slump, consider these tips, or start using some of them now, before your eyes start falling shut at your desk. Fight back so that you can make the most of each day and no longer suffer from feelings of fatigue.

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