7 Things You Must Do for Maximum Weight Loss

7 Things You Must Do for Maximum Weight Loss

Are you looking to up the ante of your weight loss results? Many people start off on their diet plan and see good results initially, only to be met with mediocre results as time progresses.

In order to achieve optimal weight loss, there are a number of things that you’ll want to ensure you’re doing in your approach. If you skip over these, you may still see results, but they may not be the best results you could be getting. If you’re going to put the effort in, don’t you want to see maximum results from that effort? 

Here are seven important things you need to do for optimal success. 

1. Track Calories

If you aren’t tracking calories, this is something that definitely needs to change. Tracking calories may be the most important thing that you do for your nutrition program. After all, it’s your calorie intake that dictates which direction the scale moves.

With so many different tracking apps available for all mobile devices, there’s really no excuse for not doing this. 

2. Carb Cycle 

Carb cycling a great approach if you want to see superior fat loss results. Even if you don’t carb cycle on a weekly basis, adding higher carb days into your diet periodically is important to help reset your metabolic rate and prevent the metabolic regression that can happen. 

Certain hormones in the body – specifically one called leptin – are directly influenced by your calorie and carbohydrate intake. When leptin drops, your metabolism slows down and hunger ramps up significantly, which can make sticking to your diet plan that much more challenging. 

Carb cycling, where you eat varying quantities of carbs throughout the week, or at strategically planned points in your plan, can help to reset leptin to a degree. This can aid in speeding up your metabolism again. 

As you take your carbohydrates higher, you can bring decrease your fat intake to accommodate the nutrient change, but most people should still consume more total calories on this day. 

3. Drink More Water 

Drinking enough water is a must if you’re going to optimize your weight loss results. Just when you think you’ve had enough, drink some more. That needs to be your new daily motto.

Having a good intake of fluids is important for combating hunger, increasing energy, establishing a good metabolic rate, and for keeping sugar cravings under control as well.1 But, the majority of those fluids should be water.

You may be filling your days with choices such as coffee or soda instead of water, which may not be fully hydrating you due to the caffeine content of these options. Likewise, alcohol will also not serve to hydrate you, so that beer after work is not doing you any favors. 

For best results, choose plain water or water flavored with KAGED MUSCLE Hydra-Charge. It won’t add any unwanted additives to the body, and it’s a good way to help keep your body performing at its peak.

        4. Make Sleep a Priority

        Sleep is something that too many of us take for granted and then pay the price. If you aren’t sleeping at least seven, preferably eight to nine hours each night, it could be hindering your fat loss results.

        Sleep deprivation is going to reduce insulin sensitivity2, which leads to your body having a harder time processing carbohydrates, and a greater likelihood of converting those carbohydrates into body fat.

        Research is also quite clear about the fact that insufficient sleep will lead to weight gain.3 This is usually due to the increase in consumption of food, especially in the late-night period. Those who aren’t sleeping enough may notice natural shifts in certain hormones that help control hunger and eating, which then essentially promote overeating and an increased calorie intake. 

        If you’ve ever noticed your hunger is higher after a night of poor sleep, this is a good example of this at work.

        5. Lift Heavy Weights 

        While fat loss primarily comes down to sticking to a solid nutrition plan, what you do in the gym cannot be overlooked. Lifting heavy weights is important to seeing optimal results as this helps your body maintain lean muscle stores, which help increase the resting metabolic rate. 

        Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body, therefore the more of it you have, the faster you’ll see weight loss results. Additionally, a solid weight training session will yield a much higher caloric burn than a cardio session will. 

        Many people make the mistake of either overdoing cardio or lifting lighter weights for higher reps. Neither of these will promote the type of results you’re looking for in the long run. 

        6. Get Enough Protein In 

        Another thing you need to focus on is getting enough protein into your diet. Protein is essential for maintaining lean muscle mass, and not getting enough will put you at a direct risk for reducing your metabolic rate and noticing muscle weaknesses creeping up. A handy trick to judge your protein intake is to make sure you’re consuming at least your body weight (in pounds) in grams of protein, if not slightly more. Of particular importance is using a quality protein source immediately after your training session to kick-start the repair and recovery process. KAGED MUSCLE Re-Kaged is a perfect option for this. Drink it within the 30-minute window following your workout and you’ll notice faster recovery because of it.4 For others time of day, you can use MICROPURE Whey Protein Isolate

        7. Supplement with a Quality Fat Burner

        You can maximize your shred goals with a quality supplement designed to support weight loss. Kaged Muscle Clean Burn attacks fat from all angles to give you results unlike any other fat burner market. Each serving of this stimulant free product gives you premium quality and patented ingredients like Capsimax, ChromeMate Chromium Complex, Carnipure L-Carnitine, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, and Green Tea Extract. That means you’ll get all of the ingredients you need to support better results—without the jitters. Succeeding at fat loss doesn’t have to feel, or be, impossible. Follow these seven tips and you’ll find your results move along smoother than before, and you might just enjoy yourself more as well.

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