Veggies, Fruit And Antioxidants Does A Body Good

Veggies, Fruit And Antioxidants Does A Body Good

Mom was Right! Veggies, Fruits, and Antioxidants Does a Body Good!

It’s true, she was right! The research is clear the human body needs sufficient antioxidants to defend against free radicals. In today’s polluted world, you need more antioxidants than likely any other time in the history of humanity. So, whatever your goal whether you are the weekend warrior or a hardcore driven athlete you must maintain the 50 trillion cells that make up the very foundation of your body. What’s the point of building a castle on a weak foundation?!

The stats are alarming on how many of us “Fail EPICALLY” on getting our antioxidants from eating sufficient fruits and veggies. The first sentence of the introduction of a very prestigious medical journal published in 2007 states: “Consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables is associated with a decreased risk of certain chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.” [i]

The same medical journal reported that most of us have failed to take mom’s advice:

Approximately 89% of Americans failed to meet USDA dietary guidelines for fruits and vegetables in NHANES III 1988–1994 and NHANES 1999–2002. Furthermore, there was no improvement in Americans’ fruit consumption during this period, and there was a small decrease in vegetable intake. In addition, about half of participants did not consume any fruit and a quarter consumed no vegetables.”[i]

Nudging Antioxidant Control NOT Shoving

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between megadosing with vitamin C or E, compared to using an “all natural” researched proprietary blend of foods we should be eating anyway. RIGHT!

You don’t need a degree in medicine or science to figure that one out. At times, I have to wonder why so many people try to stir confusion with hype versus using a solid dose of common sense and science.

It is important to remember that there are countless studies showing benefits of antioxidants with exercise, I will discuss below in brief. A good high-performance supplement is all about finesse and synergy, there is both science and art that goes into a dynamic formula and putting it to the test with the end-user is always essential. That work has been done with all KAGED products. 

SPECTRA™ Protection and Performance

Let’s put our brains to work, what is SPECTRA™? It is a propriety blend of natural veggies, botanicals, and berries. Something that the scientific literature above proves we need to be eating more of, like our ancestors did for thousands of years prior to the creation of “food stuffs” that are prepackaged and devoid of the abundance and diversity of antioxidants that are available in “Live Enzyme Nutrient Rich Fresh Foods”.

Remember what I shared above that I select for my patients and family researched premium ingredients. That is exactly what SPECTRA™ delivers hands down and it has been studied in the human body. (Kaged Muscle Hydra-Charge contains 100mg SPECTRA™ ORAC Blend to help increase cellular oxygen consumption in blood and mitochondria)

Spectra™ represents the latest evolution in the fight against potentially-damaging free radicals. For the first time anywhere, the biological effects of a natural supplement on the changes of oxidative and nitrosative stress markers, as well as cellular metabolic activity, have been clinically observed in the human body. Exclusively available from FutureCeuticals, Spectra™ has been reported to decrease ROS, increase cellular oxygen consumption in blood and mitochondria, decrease extracellular H2O2, and reduce TNFα-induced inflammatory response in humans.”[ii]

THOUGHT: Spectra™ has been studied to “increase cellular oxygen consumption in blood and mitochondria”. I think we would all agree that insufficient oxygen or unfueled mitochondria don’t make for a MAX workout.  I vote for protecting my cells with a food based source of natural antioxidants and gaining the above benefits….how about you? Common Sense 101

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