How to Fight Inflammation with Diet

How to Fight Inflammation with Diet

Inflammation describes a daily bodily process that plays an important role in cellular repair.

While it can be natural and even important on a daily basis, chronic or long-term inflammation is a very serious issue, linked to, or even the key cause of, many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even certain cancers.

While inflammation can be a silent killer if left un-checked, it is primarily controlled by the lifestyle and dieting decisions you make. If you make the wrong choices on a daily or regular basis, then you will run into many short-term issues for your physique, including fat gain, bloating, water retention, joint pain, reduced muscle growth and more.

Of course, these long-term issues can be even more serious which emphasizes the need for you to master your body’s inflammation with these foods! 


Foods high in antioxidants are vital for combatting oxidative stress, the buildup of reactive oxygen species and inflammation.

Well known as a super food for your health, a lot of these foods also contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals and of course, help combat and reduce inflammation. There are numerous sources of antioxidants, here’s a few;

  • Strawberries,
  • Blueberries,
  • Dark Chocolate,
  • Pecans,
  • Kidney Beans,
  • Cranberries,
  • Goji Berries,
  • Artichoke


     Along with being a superfood, containing some of the healthiest fats in the world as well as plenty of fiber, they can help combat inflammation.

     Several studies have shown avocados can reduce inflammation due to the unique compounds they contain. In fact, one study even found they helped reduce the inflammatory response to processed meat compared to just eating the meat alone.

    3. Fish and Omega 3

      Fish and omega 3 is another world famous superfood that can help combat most diseases, including certain cancers, heart disease and inflammation. Most of these benefits are obtained from the unique fats, EPA and DHA which also play a key role in handling inflammation.

      Extra fish and omega 3’s are also vital in handling inflammation due to the large exposure of omega 6 fats in our diet. While a small amount isn’t an issue, most people’s diets contain very large amounts of omega 6 fats and very little omega 3, which can lead to inflammation and ill health. 

      4. Green Tea / EGCG

        Green tea is another miracle supplement that plays a key role in CLEANBURN to help you shred fat, boost your metabolism and improve health. It also forms as a powerful antioxidant and can help lower inflammation. This is due to the important EGCG content which can lower pro-inflammatory cytokines.

        Several studies have now proven the benefits of green tea and EGCG to reduce inflammation, testing this on obese patients with metabolic syndrome or disease and in other types of inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis.

        5. 100% Cocoa and Dark Chocolate

          Packed full of antioxidants and beneficial health compounds, dark chocolate has specific flavonoids that can break down inflammation and keep your whole body healthy. This isn’t the normal type of cocoa you would find at the candy store, in fact, that normally only contains around 25% chocolate and a lot of processed garbage. 

          Instead, you must aim for 75 - 100% cocoa powder and dark chocolate. Because it is so concentrated, you only need around 2 squares of 75% + dark chocolate or 2 tbsp. of 100% cocoa power.

          6. Take These Supplements

            Along with packing your diet full of the superfoods above, there are some other beneficial compounds and ingredients that aren’t obtainable from the diet alone. If you really want to take your health and anti-inflammatory routine one step further try adding in these supplements:

            • Ginger
            • Resveratrol
            • Fenugreek
            • Tart Cherry Extract
            • Alpha-Lipoid Acid
            • Curcumin
            • Spirulina

            Along with using these strategies, you must focus on other lifestyle factors such as reducing processed food intake, de-stressing and getting plenty of sleep. Combine these factors to reduce inflammation to a healthy level, possibly reducing disease, aiding with recovery and reducing joint pain!

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