Kris Gethin’s Triathlon Nutrition and Supplement Protocols

Kris Gethin’s Triathlon Nutrition and Supplement Protocols

Competing in endurance events is a highly taxing undertaking and requires both mental and physical fortitude. When it comes to something like a typical bodybuilding style workout, it is possible to complete a training session with sub-par nutrition and supplementation on occasion, such as when traveling. However, for an intense endurance competition like a triathlon, you must have these aforementioned factors completely dialed in if you expect to compete. Your nutrition and supplementation are two variables that you must get right for optimal performance! Recently I completed an Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, the following is how I structured my food and supplements for the day:



3:00 am: 

+ Breakfast Oatmeal

     - 1 cup of oats

     - 1 scoop of Coffee Latte Micropure Whey Protein Isolate

     - Half a cup of blueberries

     - A handful of chopped nuts

+ 2 caps of SR CarnoSyn

+ 1 scoop of CreaClear

+ 1 scoop of Fermented Glutamine

5:00 am:

+ 1 Glass of Trusii water

+ 1 scoop of Fermented BCAAs

6:00 am:

+ 1 Banana



During Bike:

+ 1 bottle of water with Amino Synergy

+ 1 bottle of water with Hydra-Charge mixed with Fermented Glutamine

+ 2 caps of L-Carnitine

+ Homemade Energy Balls

     - 1 scoop of Vanilla Micropure Whey Protein Isolate

     - Dates

     - Oats

     - Nuts

     - Turmeric

     - Ginger

     - Pink Himalayan salt.

+ 1 Picky Bar energy bar

+ 5 miles before the end of the bike ride:

+ 1 PurCaf capsule 

During Run:

+ 1 bottle of water with Amino Synergy

+ 1 bottle of water with Hydra-Charge mixed with Fermented Glutamine and Fermented BCAAs

+ 2 caps of L-Carnitine

+ 1 Huma Chia Energy Gel 



+ 1 scoop of Coffee Late Micropure Whey Protein Isolate

+ 2 scoops of Fermented Glutamine

+ 2 caps of L-Carnitine.

+ Continued to hydrate with water mixed with Amino Synergy throughout the day


Unfortunately, the food available at the athlete tent consisted of pizza, chips, cookies, soda and sugary sports drinks so I had to wait to consume any solid food immediately after the race. Instead of indulging in the junk food, I headed to a local restaurant that had some healthy options. I decided to have a lean burger with salad and lean beef tacos. I weighed myself immediately after the race and had actually lost 6 lbs. so I made sure to rehydrate and refuel to give my body the much-needed fluids and nutrition needed to kick-start the recovery process!

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