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The Amazing Benefits of Water

The Amazing Benefits of Water

Water is the most abundant part of the human body, making up around 2/3 or 65-70% our total body weight.

Unlike food, without which we can last several weeks, the human body can only survive for a few days without water. Despite the numerous benefits of water for health, disease, weight loss and performance, a large majority of people still find themselves dehydrated on a daily basis.

When this occurs, even as little as 2% dehydration can reduce exercise performance. For bodybuilders, water is even more key, to enhance the pump and transport all the nutrients such as amino acids and glucose into the muscle cell for use. If we don’t optimize hydration, our muscle cells can also become insulin resistant, which means the nutrients won’t be able to get inside the muscle cell to aid in growth and performance

As you can see, optimizing your hydration levels and water intake is vital. Here are 3 benefits of staying hydrated. 

Enhanced Exercise & Weight Training Performance

As mentioned, just a 2% drop in water content can lead to a significant decrease in workout intensity, output or endurance.

These negative effects are due to both physiological and neurological (brain) adaptations to hydration, which can also lead to:

- Increased cortisol,

- Onset of fatigue,

- Decreased nutrient delivery,

- Increased oxidative stress,

- Spikes in cortisol levels.

To counter this, we recommend you steadily sip on water throughout the day, mixing in a scoop of Hydra-Charge for the electrolytes every few hours. Before the workout, ensure you mix a scoop of Pre-Kaged in a large shaker with plenty of water to begin the training session well hydrated. You should follow this up with another large shaker of In-Kaged to help you maintain hydration levels as you sweat (which can equal 1-2L in just a 60-minute workout).

Fuel Your Body & Brain with Energy

Water also plays a key role in energy production and nutrient flow. Firstly and most importantly, the brain can also suffer quick dehydration; just like exercise performance, a drop in 1% hydration levels can impair cognitive performance.

Research has tested and proven how slight dehydration can impair brain function: in two studies, just a 1-2% decrease in body weight, caused by dehydration, resulted in significant reductions in focus, energy levels, mood, memory, feelings of anxiety, fatigue and increased reported headaches.

To maximize energy before training, try combining around 16oz of water with Pre-Kaged 30 – 45 mins pre workout.

Other Impressive Benefits of Water

There are tons of other benefits you would never know existed, which further demonstrates the importance of hydration.

As discussed, just a slight reduction in water content can lead to headaches, fatigue, and migraines. If you struggle with headaches on a regular basis, simply try sipping on plenty of water mixed with Hydra-Charge.

In addition to preventing headaches, water has also been shown to aid digestion and reduce stomach issues such as constipation. This makes sense physiologically, as water aids digestion and nutrient transportation. If you have bowel issues or often struggle with constipation, a very quick and effective fix can be achieved by simply taking in more water.

Although wrongly associated with a high protein diet, kidney stones can be another common issue where water can significantly help reduce the risk. This is achieved because water acts as a detox for the kidneys and liver. For example, more water intake increases the amount of urine excreted, which has to pass through the kidneys first and helps dilute any buildup of minerals.

Finally, water is well known to help a bad hangover after a night on the town. In fact, many professionals within the fitness industry now swear by the concoction of water and Hydra-Charge during and after a night out.

For weight loss, water is also well known to boost your metabolism, help you consume less total calories per day and ultimately, shred more fat. Firstly for metabolism, several studies have shown even just one glass of water before a meal can boost your metabolism by over 25%. Furthermore, follow-up studies have shown that it can also reduce total daily calorie intake, so not only will it boost your metabolism it will also reduce your regular daily intake. 

When testing this over the long-term, controlled studies have even shown those who drank more water when eating the same diet lost nearly DOUBLE the fat in a 3-month study!

How Much Water

As always, there is no one set rule. Ideally, you should consume enough water to never be dehydrated. For most people, this will be around 3L or 6-8 large glasses of water per day. 

This should be sipped on throughout the day, with adequate and extra water being taken before, during and after the workout to ensure optimal hydration, improve performance and reduce fatigue. 

Remember to add in a scoop of Hydra-Charge around every 3 hours to maintain electrolyte levels and stay hydrated all day!

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