Top 10 Foods To Protect Your Body Against Inflammation

Top 10 Foods To Protect Your Body Against Inflammation

Inflammation is a silent killer that most people overlook as they go about their health and fitness quest. While short-term inflammation can help you overcome an injury faster, when it becomes chronic, problems are brewing.

Inflammation is connected to a number of unwanted conditions including obesity, neuropathy, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraine headaches, thyroid problems, arthritis, MS, as well as even cancer.

Clearly it’s something you want to avoid.

The great news is that what you eat can have a significant role in how much inflammation you experience.

Let’s look at the top foods must be in your diet if you want to put up a fight.


Rich in lycopene, tomatoes are a great inflammation fighting food. This vegetable also earns top marks for helping men protect against prostate cancer.

Leafy greens

With a high dose of vitamin E and disease fighting phytochemicals, leafy greens are great at reducing inflammation. They’re also so low in calories, they’re an easy add to any diet plan.


One of the biggest causes of inflammation in today’s society is an over-intake of omega-6 fatty acids and an under-intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Fortunately, salmon helps you tilt this in the right direction being a rich source of omega-3’s.


Rich in dietary fiber, whole grains including oatmeal can help to reduce the levels of the C-reactive protein in the body, which is a marker of inflammation.


Not only is it a calorie free way to add flavor to your dishes, basil may help to combat inflammation as well. It contains strong antioxidant phytonutrients, which keep your disease risk at bay.

Use it fresh for the most powerful benefits.


After your next hard workout, try preparing a post-workout meal with a little ginger. This root has been shown to help lower inflammation associated with arthritis, and may also help combat post exercise inflammation and joint pain.


A great way to get your healthy fats in, walnuts are also rich in the omega-3 fatty acids you need in your life to combat inflammation. As an added bonus, they’re also great for stabilizing blood glucose levels as well.

Plain Yogurt

Unless you suffer lactose intolerance, it’s a wise move to add some plain, low sugar yogurt to your menu. This will provide a healthy dose of ‘gut-friendly’ probiotics, which can keep your immune system strong while helping you avoid inflammation.

Red Peppers

As a general rule, the more colorful the food (provided it’s a natural, clean food!) the healthier it will be. It only stands to reason peppers would be a must-have then.  Rich in vitamin C and capsaicin, red peppers help to reduce pain and inflammation, especially in arthritis sufferers.


Next time you’re tempted to pop an ibuprofen to deal with pain, consider cooking up some fresh garlic with your meal instead. Garlic can work much the same way as ibuprofen in terms of lowering the level of inflammation taking place in the body.

If you want to lead your healthiest life yet, don’t overlook these 10 foods. They’ll not only support less inflammation, but also support a lean and powerful body.

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