What is in Clean Burn?

What is in Clean Burn?

Take a closer look at what makes Clean Burn one of the best, stimulant-free thermogenic fat burners on the market. Here, we give you the breakdown of the Clean Burn formula.


The first ingredient is the patented version of L-Carnitine, Carnipure. Carnipure is the purest form of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate on the market, this ensures maximum potency, absorption rate, pharmaceutical quality and is free of any harmful ingredients or allergens. L-Carnitine works as a potent fat burner by shuffling fat acids into the mitochondria, which is known as the powerhouse of our cells. In short, the mitochondria takes in nutrients and turns them into energy we can use for daily life, exercise, and muscular contractions. One limit to the mitochondria’s fat burning capacity is the ability to take in fatty acids, L-Carnitine enhances this process. This allows you to use and burn more fat when exercising. L-Carnitine also has some interesting nutrient portioning properties, with research showing it can aid in glycogen replenishment and improve partitioning of the macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein). Accompanying this, L-Carnitine can increase energy, which can also help aid in fat loss and output in your workouts! Other research has shown L-Carnitine can improve blood glucose (carbohydrate) levels and Insulin sensitivity, which we know are absolutely key to losing fat, gaining muscle and long-term health!


ChromeMate contains a unique patented niacin-bound chromium complex. Chromium has become a popular mineral within the bodybuilding realm for its effects on nutrient portioning, insulin sensitivity and blood glucose regulation. Chromium is classed as an essential mineral meaning we must obtain it via the diet and/or supplementation. Due to the lack of quantity in foods, supplementation is often used. Chromium’s mechanism is linked with chromodulin, a protein which aids in the cells insulin receptors. By activating the insulin receptors, it makes them more sensitive to the food we eat, allowing you to partition more nutrients into the muscle and less into fat!


GS4 PLUS ® is the purest, patented form of Gymnema, a new supplement making big names in the weight loss world. Gymnema is a plant-based supplement that has been used for over 2000 years in Indian medicine. Gymnema works by blocking the sweetness and taste of sugar, which alone can help you reduce cravings and food intake. Companies often ignore supplements that reduce food intake, opting for direct fat burners only. However, supplements like Gymnema that reduce cravings and daily food intake are vital for fat loss. If you reduce food intake and stay consistent with your diet you will achieve greater success than any direct fat burner could come close to alone! Along with this benefit, Gymnema also reduced the absorption of sugar into the intestines. This may help with insulin management, which as discussed is vital for any bodybuilder. Researchers also suggest Gymnema may regenerate Beta Cells, which are the key cells responsible for carbohydrate and insulin management!

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a plant-based supplement providing most of its benefits through water-soluble polyphenols. Green tea has been a famous fat burner for many years, however many supplements opt for the cheaper ingredients which provide a small amount of EGCG – the key molecule in green tea's fat burning ability. Most of your regular fat burners don’t provide anywhere near the correct amounts of EGCG to benefit from the above. Unless the specific supplement lists the amount of EGCG you could be wasting your money on a bunch of capsuled tea leaves. We guarantee a minimum of 50% EGCG content in Clean Burn. An array of research has supported the use of Green Tea, specifically EGCG in weight loss, with studies showing it aids in fat oxidation (e.g. you burn more fat at rest!), increase calorie burn, metabolism and reducing waist circumference. The best part about this research is most studies are performed without any change in diet or exercise; imagine the results when you combine green tea with a strict diet and training regime, along with the other four ingredients in Clean Burn!


The final product in Clean Burn is Capsimax, a fairly new and impressive supplement. The Capsaicinoids in Capsimax help increase energy production, fat mobilization, and thermogenesis (calorie expenditure from heat production). Upon absorption, Capsaicinoids reach the brain and stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This causes the secretion of epinephrine and non-epinephrine (a.k.a. Adrenaline). These substances are two of the bodies most potent fat burners and exercise enhances, in fact, straight supplementation of epinephrine is actually banned in sports due to its performance enhancing effect! These two compounds increase the activity of hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) which increases the breakdown of body fat. This process also increases thermogenesis, known as heat production which helps you burn more calories and increase your metabolism! (Kawada, et al 1988, Iwai et al, 2003). One study even found the supplementation of Capsimax increased metabolism and energy burn by an amazing 200 calories a day over placebo, that’s the equivalent to a 30-minute running session or 2lb of fat burn per month for absolutely no change in diet or exercise (Ryan et al, 2009)! Other research found decreased weight, waist circumference, and the participants had more energy (Lopez et al, 2013). As you can see, the combination of this with our other ingredients makes Clean Burn the first non-caffeine fat burner which will still increase energy and help you shred the fat!

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