Four Supplements That’ll Give You the Fat Burning Edge

Four Supplements That’ll Give You the Fat Burning Edge

With summer just around the corner, many people are starting to gear up for a summer cut? Whether you’re preparing for beach season or simply want to shed some of the weight that you’ve packed on over the last weeks or months, getting your diet and training in line should be your top priority.

Once those are in place however, you’ll then want to consider getting a little extra boost with the help of a few key supplements. Which ones should you consider? 

We have a line-up of four great products that will take your fat loss results from good to great in no time.

Clean Burn

What makes this product so special?

Leading the pack of fat burning supplements is Clean Burn. This is a combination product, meaning you’ll have multiple fat burning ingredients working in your favor to help your progress in a variety of ways. 

Kicking things off is chromium complex (ChromeMate), which research has suggested promotes weight loss while preserving your hard-earned muscle mass.

In fact, one study found that when obese women supplemented with 4mg of chromium as part of their exercise program, they experienced a greater overall weight loss after eight weeks.

It’s also been seen that the use of chromium may help to lower the overall insulin response to glucose, therefore improving the way your body processes carbohydrates. This improved process can help prevent the body from storing glucose as body fat.

Carnitine is another ingredient used in Clean Burn, which when combined with caffeine, offers powerful fat fighting benefits. To that point, Clean Burn includes green tea extract, which will deliver the caffeine you need to create this effect without experiencing a crash in energy. Research examining the effects of carnitine utilized a group of soccer players. They were split into three groups, one used caffeine alone, the second used caffeine plus carnitine, and the third was a placebo group. Findings showed that the group that took caffeine plus carnitine demonstrated a greater loss of body fat and an improved lipid profile.

Carnitine creates this effect by helping to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell, where they can then be burned for fuel. 

Finally, you’ll also take in capsicum fruit extract (Capsimax), which also aids in the rate of fatty acid utilization. The research found that when subjects consumed the supplement, there were higher levels of free fatty acids in the bloodstream, indicating the body was relying more on fat as a fuel source.

If you want top of the line fat burning assistance, Clean Burn is the product for you.


If you want a product that will aid fat loss without any stimulatory ingredients, L-Carnitine is the ideal choice. KAGED MUSCLE also produces L-Carnitine as a single ingredient product that allows you to reap the benefits of having enhanced fatty acid transport to the engine of your cells without stimulating the rest of your body.

By using L-Carnitine, you can improve your aerobic performance, lower your overall recovery time between workouts, decrease delayed-onset muscle soreness, and help to improve total fat oxidation. These performance and result benefits are coupled with the health benefits of the high level of antioxidants provided by L-Carnitine.

One study noted that upon using L-Carnitine, athletes showed a 6% increase in their overall VO2 max levels, thus, this supplement could help support harder and longer training sessions. The ability to train at a maximum intensity, even while reducing calories, will help yield superior fat loss results


If you find that you need more energy to get to the gym and have a solid workout, caffeine is a great product to turn to. Caffeine is a simple, cost effective supplement. There are no other products here—just the tried and true form of a pick-me-up people have been using for centuries.

Caffeine proves to be especially beneficial for those seeking fat loss results in two ways.  While it gives you a good boost of energy, it may also help you burn more calories during your exercise session by revving up your metabolism.

Research done on recreationally active participants found that when caffeine was consumed prior to their exercise session, they showed a higher total calorie burn compared to when they did not consume caffeine. In addition to that, they also reported the exercise as feeling more enjoyable as well. 

When using caffeine, keep in mind that you should give yourself at least six hours between taking it and going to bed. Hopefully, this time frame allows the stimulatory effects to wear off, allowing you to easily fall asleep and get good quality sleep—which is also important for weight loss!


Finally, the last fat-fighting supplement to have in your arsenal is KAGED MUSCLE’S Re-Kaged. This supplement is a quality source of whey protein isolate, which will quickly replenish your muscle tissues after each workout session. This is important for jump-starting the recovery process and preserving your lean muscle mass, which will in turn, help you sustain a higher overall resting metabolic rate.

Re-Kaged contains whey protein isolate, which studies have indicated may be better at blunting your appetite level than other protein sources. Curbing your appetite is another helpful way this product can help with overall fat loss results. 

With Re-Kaged, you aren’t just getting whey protein, you’re also taking in L-Glutamine and creatine to assist with recovery. Additionally, digestive enzymes have been added to the mix to help with the digestion of the protein, ensuring your body is best able to utilize what you’re feeding it.

So, there you have some of the most effective options for helping you kick-start your fat loss results. While nothing beats the importance of a good diet and training program in terms of getting results, you simply cannot deny the benefits that these supplements have to offer as well.

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