Gelatin Caps Vs. Veggie Caps – Are You Aware Of The Difference?

Gelatin Caps Vs. Veggie Caps – Are You Aware Of The Difference?

You’ve done your research and you've hunted down the best ingredients to go into your supplement stacks. But, are you considering the method of delivery you’re getting with these ingredients?

Capsules are superior to tablets for a number of reasons.  Capsules are quicker to dissolve, thus the ingredients will get into your system faster.  Capsules are also often tasteless and most people find them easier to swallow.

Unfortunately though, not all capsules are created the same. There are two primary types of capsules, gelatin or vegetarian. Are you aware of the differences?

Let’s take a brief look at these two capsule forms so you can choose the right one for you.

Gelatin Based Capsules

Gelatin based capsules are created through a process where hooves, bones, and connective tissues are boiled down into a gel-like substance, put through a cooling process, and then formed into a capsule.

While this is a relatively cost-effective method, the big problem here is that gelatin capsules are not stable when exposed to heat or humidity. So depending on where you live, this could present serious storage problems with your supplements.

Additionally, gelatin capsules are appropriate when using powdered supplements, but would not be advisable when using a liquid or gel format.

Finally, some people simply do not want to consume these types of products, often due to their religious views or because they are utilizing a vegetarian diet plan.

Vegetarian Based Capsules

Which now brings us to the second type of capsule - the vegetarian capsule. These capsules are created using cellulose, which is naturally derived from plants. The vegetarian capsules provide a very natural delivery system for the supplement ingredients and still allow the rapid delivery of the contents to the body.

Vegetarian capsules also work well with powder, liquid, or gel, so there are no restrictions in regard to what you can or cannot put in them. This makes them a highly versatile option for production.

This capsule variety is also entirely non-toxic and 100% natural. It has no threat of negative health risks, even when consumed in higher volumes and over the long term.

Overall, if you want to be sure you are putting nothing but the best in your body, a vegetarian capsule is the route to go.

As KAGED MUSCLE focuses on giving you nothing but the most pure, safe, and effective supplements you can buy, you can rest assured you will be getting vegetarian based capsules with our products.

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