Patented vs Generic Supplement Ingredients

Patented vs Generic Supplement Ingredients

People often ask why KAGED MUSCLE uses premium patented ingredients instead of cheaper generic ingredients like most supplement companies. This newsletter breakdowns the difference between the two and demonstrates why it’s so important to consume reputable, patented ingredients.

Patented Ingredients

Patented ingredients are those with a registered trademark and are protected by the US patents. These ingredients are backed by a ton of clinical research which supports their effectiveness at saturating the cell or blood levels and providing the given benefit or the effect you seek. This could include an improvement in performance, strength, muscle mass, focus, resistance to fatigue etc; in most cases it is only the patented ingredients that can state and guarantee this! Patented ingredients must also contain the specific dose listed, rather than being under-dosed, or even half the dose of other generic ingredients.

Additional benefits also include:

  • They are formulated & based on scientific research
  • All research is conducted to the highest standard, often using double blind methods which limit any biases or manipulation of the data.
  • They have continuous assurance testing in place to make sure the quality of the product is to the highest standard, free from harmful substances and adequately dosed.
  • Manufacturing and processing is conducted to an exceptionally high standard, ensuring all ingredients reach our manufacturing plant without risk of cross contamination or any impairment of quality. This is important as certain supplements must be kept at a certain temperature or protected from sunlight, for example.
  • Most of the follow up research and studies only use the known patented ingredients; so, by purchasing the patented products, you know this is the exact ingredient used in the research, rather than a generic supplement that could be under-dosed etc.

Along with these benefits, the patented companies usually conduct continuous research and provide grants to professors and universities to continually test and study their product, thus helping you, the consumer, to make an evidence-based, informed decision.

One downside to patented ingredients is the cost, which can run at up to 300% or 400% higher than a generic version. That being said, if you take a generic supplement which costs less and is under-dosed, you may actually receive little or no benefit, wasting ALL your money. From a profit perspective, this is why most companies use generic ingredients in their mix, as they require a large profit margin to pay generic supplement stores, advertising, branding and to offer large incentives to resellers or ambassadors.

For a typical supplement mix, you can be paying 400 – 500% of the actual production cost and if you review some of the most popular supplement lines, they aren’t actually cheaper per 100g, even if they appear cheaper per serving. Take a look at PRE-KAGED and compare it on a gram for gram basis to other popular pre workouts; while it may appear more expensive per serving, this is usually because our servings are 2 – 4x bigger, which is the amount required to actually reach the beneficial dose for each supplement!

If you seek the highest quality and want to GUARANTEE the supplement provides what it says it does, then patented, research backed ingredients are a must. From a cost to benefit or value for money perspective, patented supplements are also an obvious choice, especially for any serious lifter or bodybuilder.

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