The 4 Most Effective Fat Burning Ingredients

The 4 Most Effective Fat Burning Ingredients

Structured meal plan? Check.

Solid training plan? Check.

Cardio plans for added fat burn? Check.

The willpower and motivation to be consistent? You bet.

With these components in place, your fat burning arsenal seems to be complete. But, there’s one more aspect which could accelerate your progress or push you through a plateau: supplementation.

There are countless fat burners available on the market containing various ingredients which all proclaim outstanding results. It can be overwhelming trying to decipher what the labels say – the ingredients appear to be based on a science experiment written in a foreign language. Among them all, there are a few ingredients which have been proven to support fat loss, five of which appear to be highly effective and are backed by stacks of research.

Fat fighter #1: L-Carnitine

A key component of beta-oxidation (the process in which fatty acids are broken down to generate energy) is that the long-chain fatty acids need to reach the inner region of the mitochondria of the cell. On their own, the fatty acids are unable to cross the mitochondrial membrane. However, research has found that when L-Carnitine is present, the process is possible and the cell can generate the energy needed to push through tough workouts.

Carnitine is a compound made by the body and stored in muscle cells. Intense training, especially on a consistent basis, can lead to depleted stores which can hinder energy production. When torching fat is your goal, you’ll likely be training at a higher intensity, with more frequent sessions. This level of output will benefit from supplementation of this amino acid.

Do this:

While carnitine is found in several foods, primarily red meats, you’ll benefit by supplementing with it as well. When supplementing, be consistent with your intake to maintain adequate levels within the cell. Aim for about 1000 – 3000mg a day.

Fat fighter #2: Green Tea

Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves which haven’t been processed to the extent that black or oolong tea has. For this reason, it is richer in polyphenols than these other types of tea. Polyphenols are compounds found in natural plant sources which have antioxidant properties. Two of the main polyphenols found in green tea are catechins and flavonoids. Catechins are believed to boost energy metabolism and fat burning capabilities of the body.

Of the catechins present in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) accounts for approximately 40% of the total content. EGCG promotes weight loss through improved diet-induced thermogenesis as well as fat oxidation (the energy expenditure needed for your body to process food, and the ability for your body to process and burn fat, respectively).

Beyond those compounds and their impact on body composition, green tea can help you with fat loss in another way – providing energy for your training sessions.  Green tea is a stimulant, meaning it impacts your sympathetic nervous system, signaling it to be more active. The most well-known stimulant is caffeine, which is found in green tea but in a very small dose. However, green tea contains theophylline and theobromine which act as stimulants in different ways than caffeine. Theophylline relaxes the muscles of the airway which makes it easier to breathe while stimulating the heart to beat harder and faster. Theobromine helps improve blood flow throughout the body. These factors, when coupled with the caffeine, can add up for a better training session. Physical activity will spike your respiration rate and require more blood at the working muscles, boosting these functions with green tea can help your body sustain longer and tougher workouts.

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Green tea can be ingested a number of ways. You can drink it using bagged tea or loose leaves, or you can supplement with capsules. When looking at supplements, ensure it contains close to 50% EGCG to get the most effective form of catechins. A daily dose of about 1000mg of green tea, with 500mg of EGCG is beneficial for your body composition goals.  

Fat fighter #3: Capsicum

Capsicum is a family of approximately 200 plants, one of which being chili peppers. Within these plants, a polyphenol known as capsaicinoid is responsible for the heat and spicy flavor of the peppers. Supplement companies have tuned into this compound and put it to use in their fat burning products.

Researchers have found various outcomes of ingesting these spicy elements, ranging from increased thermogenesis, greater energy expenditure, and increased fatty acid oxidation. Capsaicinoids act on the body in a few ways. They break down adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the body’s main form of energy, and they stimulate lipase, an enzyme which breaks down fat for use as fuel.

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Due to the pungent taste and possible gastrointestinal disturbances, many people have difficulty eating enough of the spicy peppers to attain these body composition benefits. Having the ability to use a capsule supplement alleviates this problem, allowing users to reap the rewards without worrying about discomfort. A daily dose of around 100 mg of capsaicinoids can help support your fat loss efforts. Since it can irritate your stomach, it’s best to take your doses with food. It’s also suggested to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it to avoid any digestive issues.

Fat fighter #4: Gymnema Sylvestre extract

This herb, found in the forests of India, has a host of beneficial uses. It’s been found to help in the maintenance of blood sugar levels, blocks sugar absorption, and has been found to reduce cravings for sugar, making it helpful for diabetic patients as well as people looking to lose weight. Due to these effects, it has been nicknamed the “sugar destroyer”.

A common craving during long phases of dieting, where carb intake is reduced, is sugar. The active ingredient of this extract is Gymnema acid, which has receptors in your gut as well as on your tongue. By introducing the acid, the receptors are blocked and your ability to taste “sweet” is greatly reduced. Similarly, it blocks sugar absorption through the intestinal wall. These two factors – the inability to taste sweet and absorb sugar – can lead to fewer cravings and fewer spikes in blood sugar. When looking to change your physique by losing body fat, controlling blood sugar levels and having as few spikes as possible is ideal. Additionally, by allowing less sugar into your system there’s less to burn as an easy fuel source, forcing your body to turn to stored energy sources which would ideally be fat.

Do this:

While much of the research on this herb has been conducted in animals and persons with diabetes, the results have been positive in its efficacy on stabilizing blood sugar levels and lowering sugar absorption. A daily dose of 200 – 300mg is recommended for healthy adults, in combination with other lifestyle habit manipulation such as diet and exercise.

Four Ingredients, One Product


While you can find these four ingredients packaged independently at nutrition stores, it’s always easier to streamline your supplement regimen. After extensive research and testing, KAGED MUSCLE formulated Clean Burn to support your fat burning goals. Clean Burn blends these four key ingredients together in carefully calibrated doses while keeping your overall health in mind. Using pure forms of these supplements, along with innovative and patented technology, allows us to produce an effective and safe product.

Carnipure is a high-quality L-carnitine which has been in production for more than 25 years by a life-science company in Switzerland. With a highly regarded reputation for pure and safe products, Carnipure has been safely used in infant formula for many years, proving the level of testing and purity of the product. In addition to the high level of safety, the Carnipure used in Clean Burn provides the highest concentration of L-carnitine available.

Capsimax delivers the benefits of capsaicinoid extract without any oral or gastrointestinal discomfort. For many people, ingesting spicy foods can cause less than pleasant side effects. The patented OmniBead technology coats Capsimax in a controlled-release capsule which bypasses the stomach to be broken down in the lower intestine. This innovation allows users to feel the burn of capsicum, but only in a positive way.

Clean Burn also includes an optimal dose of green tea with 50% EGCG for fat oxidation as well as Gymnema Sylvestre extract to balance your blood sugar and reduce cravings.  With the inclusion of these four main ingredients, Clean Burn is a well-rounded fat burning product grounded in science. Research has shown the effectiveness of these individual ingredients and this product brings them together into a single capsule for easy use.

As you embark on your fat loss goal, a reputable supplement can give you an added edge for success. In combination with a healthy meal plan and serious sweat sessions in the gym, your body will be attacked from all angles. 

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