The Kaged Muscle Gift Guide

The Kaged Muscle Gift Guide

Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a stressful task. Just one more thing on a seemingly endless list of to-dos for the holiday season. We at Kaged Muscle want to help alleviate some of this stress with a gift guide that covers every “fitness” type on your list.  Happy shopping!

The Hardcore Bodybuilder

Hank is someone who spends the majority of his free time in the gym and always has his meals packed. His main concerns are hitting his protein intake each day and setting new PRs at the gym. It’s too hard to buy him new gym clothes – who even make clothes to fit these people? – and he already has a lifting belt and headphones. What’s a practical gift for Hank?

We can assure you that supplements will make him happy. These are items he buys regularly and flies through with daily use. Hitting the bottom of his tub of protein probably ruins his day, but getting a gift of his most-used items will have him pumped to hit the gym.

No bodybuilder is complete without their shaker of water with BCAAs. Someone who hits the gym as hard and frequently as Hank does will go through their BCAAs quickly. BCAAs ensure that his essential amino acids are never fully depleted from his intense training sessions. Also, as they’re fundamental to the muscle-building process, they’ll help keep him anabolic – every bodybuilder’s goal.

Another foolproof gift for Hank is Re-Kaged, a high-quality whey isolate protein supplement. After a tough workout, he will need to get in a serving of lean protein that is fast-digesting. This will enable his body to start the rebuilding process – meaning bigger muscles for Hank. In addition to recovery agents such as Creatine HCl, fermented Glutamine and patented BetaPower (natural betaine), Re-Kaged also includes ProHydrolase, a digestive enzyme, which helps the body break the protein down into smaller particles for reduced digestive discomfort.

To round out Hank’s gift, pick up a bottle of Creatine HCl. A long-time staple supplement in the fitness and bodybuilding world, creatine’s main benefit is energy production. This will ensure that Hank is able to finish his training sessions as strong as he started. Creatine also aids in muscle recovery, which will enable Hank to hit the gym without missing a day of his training split. Kaged Muscle’s Creatine HCl is more soluble than your standard creatine monohydrate.

Following this gift guide, you will be Hank’s favorite person this holiday season. These supplements are guaranteed to be items he uses daily, making this a practical gift for the hardcore bodybuilder on your list.

The Weekend Warrior

Jack is a busy dude. He runs his own business, usually putting in 18 hour days from Monday to Friday, leaving very little time for the gym during the week. He loves working out as a stress-reliever on the weekends and will do a little bit of everything. CrossFit, weight training, even outdoor obstacle races – he just likes to keep moving. Shopping for Jack should target the thing he loves: fitness. Here are three great supplements you can give him this year.

After a grueling work week, Jack looks forward to hitting the gym or the track on Saturday morning, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Pre-Kaged, Kaged Muscle’s pre-workout product will help get him moving and keep him energized through the whole workout. Its specialized neuro-focus matrix will help give him a physical and mental boost to power through whatever workout he chooses to tackle. It also includes coconut water powder for hydration support, and the SPECTRA Total ORAC Blend is a great blast of antioxidants to support the immune system during times of physical stress after a mentally stressful week. He’ll be setting new PRs and loving his workouts with this product!

From his high-stress work week to his very active weekends, Jack needs to make sure he stays hydrated – for health as well as performance. Kaged Muscle’s Hydra-Charge will help him hit her daily water needs with its great taste and hydration boosting ingredients. Taurine, an amino acid, assists the body with regulating its levels of water and salt, and helps prevent muscle fatigue during exercise. Hydra-Charge also includes coconut water powder which contains key electrolytes for hydration including potassium and sodium. Staying hydrated day to day will help Jack be as active as he wants on the weekends, and will help his body manage the stress from his work week.

After hitting his workouts on the weekend, Jack often has to squeeze in some errands, making it hard to get a meal in quickly. In these cases, a protein shake with a high-quality whey isolate is a great solution. Kaged Muscle’s Re-Kaged checks all the boxes when it comes to a quality supplement ideal for the post-workout time frame. Jack will get an ample serving of protein to rebuild his muscles, as well as fermented Glutamine and Creatine HCL to aid in the recovery process.

From energy to hydration, and to recovery, these products will keep Jack powering through his work week and weekend activities... like a boss.

The King of Shred

After ten months of focusing on growing, Evan is now shifting into a fat loss phase to see how much muscle he was able to gain. With this change in direction, his supplement needs have changed and he could likely use some help stocking up on some items this holiday season. That’s where you come in!

Evan will be heading into a calorie deficit and increase his output in an effort to gradually drop body fat while retaining as much muscle as possible. With this shift in calories, it’s likely that Evan will start to feel fatigued as his fat loss phase progresses. Eating fewer calories and expending more energy each day starts to take a toll on a person, and can lead to less than stellar performances in the gym. This is where a pre-workout supplement like Pre-Kaged can be helpful. PurCaf Organic Caffeine will ward off fatigue with 274mg of caffeine from green coffee beans, and patented CarnoSyn beta-alanine will boost his muscular endurance by minimizing the effects of lactic acid. These ingredients will help Evan get through the days when he’s feeling low-energy.

As an athlete, Evan knows the important role water plays in his performance, but it also aids in fat loss. When dehydrated, all of our organs are impacted. One of the main jobs of the kidneys is to filter blood but if they’re too dehydrated, the job gets passed to the liver. This overtaxes the liver, taking away from its main responsibility of metabolizing stored fat. Evan needs to hit his water intake every day to ensure this system continues to run properly. Hydra-Charge’s ingredients enhance the body’s ability to stay hydrated with essential electrolytes and taurine. Keeping Hydra-Charge in his water jug will support Evan’s daily hydration needs and ensure his body functions optimally for his fat loss goal.

Even though Evan has his diet, training, and cardio plans perfected, sometimes the body needs an extra push to lose body fat. Kaged Muscle’s fat burner, Clean Burn, does just that. Dieting impacts the hunger hormones which can make it difficult to control cravings and ignore hunger signals. The combination of green tea and Gymnema Sylvestre Extract in Clean Burn help address these issues by inhibiting leptin levels and reducing sugar cravings, respectively. Additionally, the patented Carnipure L-Carnitine helps carry fatty acids into his cells to aid in energy generation, especially during training sessions. Taking a dose of Clean Burn about 30 minutes before meals will help Evan make great progress.

Help Evan reach his goal of dropping body fat with these supplements this holiday season. Having them stocked and ready to go for the start of his cut will ensure he’s ready to go, right from day one!

The “Impossible to Buy For” on Your List

Everyone has that one person on their list each year. You know, the person who is impossible to buy for. Either they already have the popular, trendy gifts, or you just don’t know enough about their interests to shop for them. Much like Robert. You know he’s active - playing pick-up hockey in the winter, golf, and baseball in the summer, and he goes to the gym on a regular basis. But what do you buy him this year?

In this case, a gift card is always a safe bet – it’s as good as free money, without screaming that you had no idea what to buy. Knowing that he enjoys going to the gym and playing sports, the Kaged Muscle website will offer plenty of products for him to choose from. Whether Rob needs to restock his Kasein or Creatine HCl or wants to try a new pre-workout formula, Kaged Muscle has got him (and you) covered.

As an added bonus, the website is full of educational information on training, nutrition, and supplements. While Rob’s browsing the products, he may come across something that helps him take his health to the next level. Additionally, Kaged Muscle offers a variety of free online training programs, which can be helpful for someone looking to try something new in the gym.

While giving a gift card may seem like a cop-out, look at it this way: by giving a Kaged Muscle gift card, you’re opening the door to a healthier lifestyle overall. And that’s a pretty solid gift to give!

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