What is in Your Fat Burner?

What is in Your Fat Burner?

Not all fat burners are created equal and, as with many supplements, poor choices or brands can lead to nothing more than you wasting your money, losing no weight or even damaging your health.

As you know, we do things a little differently here at KAGED MUSCLE, providing you with the science of supplementation, so you can take a proactive and educated approach when selecting your supplements.

In this article we will focus specifically on Fat Burners, looking at some of the common ingredients and required doses, along with some of the tricks most supplement companies use to try to make a quick profit.

Fat Burning Basics

Fat burners have been proven to work via several mechanisms; so, understanding how they force your body to burn more fat or lose weight, is an important first step. Here’s an overview.

Boost Metabolism

Your metabolism describes the amount of energy you burn per day, i.e. how many total calories you expend. A fundamental part of weight loss is creating a calorie deficit - in other words, burning more calories than you consume. Of course, this calorie deficit forces your body to obtain energy stores from within the body, to maintain normal bodily functions. It does this by burning fat and muscle; however, if your diet/training regime is optimized, you make this shift to predominantly all fat.

Ultimately, the faster rate your metabolism runs at, the more of a calorie deficit you can create and therefore the more efficiently you can lose weight. This is the one of the main ways fat burners work - they create an extra boost to your metabolism, allowing you to lose weight more effectively.

Increase Fat Burn

Another main mechanism behind fat burners is their ability to increase your body’s reliance on stored fat for fuel. Quite obviously, if you can utilize and burn fatty acids (stored in the fat cells) more effectively, you’ll have an easier time losing weight and, possibly, be able to lose more total fat in the same period of time.

Decreased Appetite

If you’ve ever been on a diet in the past, you will know hunger and cravings can be a major barrier wrecking your results and long-term success. By decreasing your appetite, fat burners can help you lower calories and therefore, lose more weight. Not only may this speed up the fat-loss process, but it may also allow you to achieve your results without constant hunger and generally enjoying the dieting process slightly more.

Key Fat Burning Ingredients

Now you have an understanding of how fat burners work, here are the key research proven supplements to look out for. If your fat burner contains a ton of random supplements not on this list, chances are they don’t work or don’t have research to prove their safety and effectiveness.


One of the most powerful fat burning supplements on the planet, caffeine is extremely unique as it provides all 3 mechanisms discussed above. In other words, caffeine helps boost your metabolism, helps you burn and utilize more fat while also decreasing your appetite.

Not only does it provide all 3 mechanisms, it also has health properties and a great, research-proven safety record. Finally, if all that wasn’t enough, caffeine can even boost energy and focus when dieting, which tends to fall due to the reduction in calories. This is key for your workouts, helping you maintain performance training volume which protects muscle mass and strength.

Green Tea

Another powerful supplement, closely following caffeine, it provides all 3 of the main mechanisms discussed above, helping you burn more calories, more fat and eat less food.

It also has some impressive research in blood sugar function and utilization, helping you manage carbohydrates more effectively and even being used to treat type 2 diabetes.


Another popular and tested fat burner, L-carnitine has multiple uses and benefits. For weight loss, L-Carnitine mainly works by increasing the body’s ability to burn fat while also possibly reducing appetite.

Like green tea, it is also beneficial for carbohydrate metabolism, which is even more important if you are either overweight or on a high carbohydrate diet, in which case, your insulin sensitivity may be impaired.


Next up is Capsimax®, the patented product providing Capsicum Extract, derived from the active properties of hot red peppers.

Capsimax® is another powerful and proven supplement that has been shown to boost your metabolism, help you burn fat and also reduce hunger, giving you all 3 mechanisms as well. It’s important to look out for Capsimax® rather than just a random supplement containing Capsaicionoids or Capsicum extract which have not been verified or tested in research.

Along with these supplements, some other beneficial ingredients include chromium, gymnema syvestre extract, CLA and Synephrine.

What’s In Your Fat Burner?

Now you’ve got an understanding of the proven ingredients, let’s take a critical look at some of the popular fat burners on the market.

Top Selling Supplement #1

The first supplement is a top-selling fat burner on sites such as As you can see here, it contains multiple ingredients; however only a couple of them are proven ingredients from the list above.

Although CLA can be beneficial, the dosages are normally taken at 1-3 grams per day, with this only being 0.5 grams, it is far too low to elicit any effect.

IN addition, the L-Carnitine blend contains multiple different forms, while they are all beneficial, the combination here will mean it’s not powerful enough to elicit any effect for all 3 forms or weight loss.

For the other ingredients, particularly raspberry ketones, the result is less than impressive, showing the only thing you will be burning is a hole in your wallet!

Top Selling Supplement #2

The next supplement is another top-selling product with close to 1000 8.4/10 reviews. Based on the reviews, you would probably buy this supplement, if I didn’t understand all the science, then I certainly would.

Sadly, this is another supplement that wouldn’t provide any noticeable effect on your physique or weight loss efforts.

Firstly, it contains a propriety blend called SuperHD, which basically clumps a ton of random ingredients together making people feel a sense of value for money and effectiveness. However, based on the fact that 160mg of this is caffeine (which is also too low for most people), the remaining ingredients will clearly not provide any noticeable benefit as they are super far too under-dosed!

As I always argue, if they were using the correct doses, why would they not clearly list this and state each ingredient on the label, so you would know exactly what it contains? Kinda obvious, right!?! …  

Take Home Message

As you can see, there are only a handful of supplements proven to help you burn fat, most of which are condensed into CLEAN BURN.

If you are going to make your own supplements using a mix of ingredients, stick with the proven ingredients at the right dose. Avoid most proprietary blended products as they simply hide the fact they are severely under-dosed and hide this with clever labelling and loopholes.

If you want a proven and honest fat burner, start with CLEAN BURN, which has the best ingredients condensed into one efficaciously dosed supplement!

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