Day 42:Rest Day

Today’s rest day includes a trip to the grocery store, but in a time-saving method. I’m lucky enough to have a meal prep company take care of the majority of my food, especially my protein servings. However, I need to keep the basics stocked up, but I want to save time and not wander around a big grocery store. I place my order online and then head to the store to pick everything up. They even bring it right out to my car for me! This helps save so much time, I encourage you to do it too.

That’s a wrap on Week Six! I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing by, but I guess that means I’m enjoying it. While training might not be something everyone loves right off the bat, if you’re working toward building a great body—like we are—loving all the components is important. There will be days that you don’t love it, and that’s okay because some days it’s hard to feel motivated. But overall, enjoying it and creating new lifestyle habits will help you in the long run. You can build the body you want and then enjoy it for many years! See you back in the gym next week!

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