Day 49:Rest day

We’re wrapping up our week with our final rest day. I’m feeling pretty tired and sore at the end of the week—this is why we take days off the gym. They’re necessary for the body to recover. Take advantage of them by relaxing, staying hydrated, and stretching out sore muscles. I’ll see you tomorrow, ready to get back to work after this much-needed day off.  

And with that, we’ve got another week checked off our list in this 8-week program. I hope you take the time to appreciate the hard work your body is putting into this journey. I think it’s totally acceptable to want to work toward creating your best body, but that doesn’t have to mean you’re unhappy with the body you have now. This body allows you to do the things you want to do on this training plan, which is amazing. If you’re always focusing on aspects that you dislike, or spend a lot of your day speaking negatively about yourself, it will begin to change your whole outlook on this process. Enjoy each day and what you’re physically able to do. Too many of us are so tough on ourselves, which can make the journey even harder. As a personal challenge, pick a day this week where you aren’t allowed to think anything negative about yourself or your body, and see how your whole mood changes! Thanks, y’all.

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