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Overview: Training

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Welcome to the training segment of the Bikini-Ready Body Video Trainer. I’m looking forward to guiding you on your goal of creating your best beach body ever!

If you’re looking to shape the bikini body you’ve always wanted, this program is for you—and I’m here to help you achieve it! I hope you’re ready to work hard, shed those unwanted layers, and have fun doing it.

As an IFBB Bikini Pro and published fitness model, creating this program has been an exciting project for me. I’m so passionate about this sport and am motivated to help you feel the same way about training and fitness. I’ve combined the knowledge I’ve gained from my own coaches, Kim Oddo and Bret Contreras, of nutrition and training to create this 8-week program for you.

Every workout has a video for you to watch, to ensure you’re executing the exercises properly and safely. You’ll also be able to download each workout to have on hand at the gym, leaving no guesswork on your part. All you have to do is put your full effort into each session and the results will speak for themselves.

Throughout the 8 weeks of training, you will have two different training programs. In weeks one and five you’ll start a new plan, so let yourself learn the exercises—but still be sure to push yourself during each session. During the following weeks, you will be familiar with the program, so you should look to increase the amount of weight you use. It’s time to set some new personal best scores! Toward weeks six and seven, you may start to feel more fatigued as you’ve been in a calorie deficit for the last month. This is when you’ll have to stay tough, and I’ll be there to help push you through to the end.

In addition to training, you’ll have a cardio plan to follow. Cardio is great for overall health, and is an important tool in weight loss. My recommendation for those looking to drop some fat for bikini season is to start with five sessions of 25 minutes steady state cardio per week. Aim to keep your heart rate between 135 and 150 beats per minute (bpm). After two weeks, if you’re losing weight quickly, you can take it down to four sessions per week. If you haven’t seen any weight loss, increase the time by ten minutes per session. Continue assessing your progress every two weeks.

For those looking to build some shapely muscle, I still recommend starting with five sessions of 25 minutes steady state cardio per week, with a heart rate between 135 and 150 bpm. This will help kick-start your metabolism and can help increase your appetite. After two weeks, take it down to three sessions per week. This will make sure you have plenty of energy to put into your training sessions.

Remember, 8 weeks will go by quickly, so you want to make each day and every session count! The more committed you are to the program, the better your results will be. I encourage you to take plenty of progress pictures, and also to pay attention to other changes you see and feel in your body, like how your clothes are fitting. These factors will keep your eyes on the prize—a killer body you’re proud to show off in a bikini. Now, let’s get to work!


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