Overview Week 7

Wow, can you believe we only have two more weeks left together? You know what that means—it’s time to step up our game and really bring the intensity to each session. As we enter the third week of this phase, take a minute to assess your whole approach. Has your nutrition been a little less than perfect lately? If so, what’s the cause? Maybe you need to readjust your week and use your rest days to prep your food, making sure it’s ready to go each day.

Also, don’t wait until your supplement tubs are empty before restocking. My advice to everyone is to place your order when you only have a quarter of the servings left. This way, you won’t wind up missing days while you wait for your delivery. The Kaged Muscle website is always stocked and ready to go, just visit kagedmuscle.com to order—it’s so easy!

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