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3 Advanced Techniques to Shred Your Abs

3 Advanced Techniques to Shred Your Abs

Often times, people think they can crunch their way to a chiseled midsection. However, busting your ass for that physique might fall short unless you follow the proper diet and nutrition plan as well. You can perform any number of ab exercises and your hard work still could fall short. Though diet plays a key role in showing off that washboard, all the hard work put into your core will pay off as you continue to strengthen and tone the muscles under any excess fat. Keeping that in mind, we've outlined a few advanced techniques below to help you shred your abs and keep them that way. 

Hanging Ab Raise - Straight Leg

Next, find yourself a rack to hang from or anything else that will safely hold your body weight to perform a hanging ab raise. Place your grip slightly wider than shoulder width on the handles of the rack (or, whichever hand position is most comfortable). Then, with your legs straight, feet flexed and your lats and core engaged, perform one rep by lifting your legs up. Perform 15 reps for 4 sets at this cadence.

Plank Knee Tucks

To perform a Plank Knee Tuck, get in a plank position and stabilize yourself, resting on your forearms. While in plank position with core tight and back flat, tuck one knee up towards your face as if you're trying to touch your chin. Bring your knee back to its original position and repeat with your other knee. You've now done one rep. Continue this cadence at 20 reps for 4 sets.

PRO TIP: Bring your knees out and up towards your elbows for reps to get an extra burn in the obliques.


Rounding out the list of advanced ab techniques to help you get shredded is the V-Up. If performed correctly, this will help you finish off a workout strong! Start in a lying position on a mat. With your arms extended out above your head and your legs straight, simultaneously crunch and bring your legs and torso off the ground. As this action develops, bring your arms up, reaching towards and through your legs. At this position, you'll resemble a "V". In a controlled manner, bring your legs and arms back down to the mat and you've performed one rep.

Ab Super Set

Add the following Ab Superset to your next workout to really shock your midsection. Make sure to superset and rest about 1 minute between sets. It'll be quick, but it'll be dirty! Give it a shot!

Hanging Ab Raise
Plank Knee Tucks
4 20
4 12-15

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