3 Ways to Bring Up Your Rear Delts

3 Ways to Bring Up Your Rear Delts

Most bodybuilding and physique contests are judged differently than most sports. As you advance and rise up in the ranks, judges look for more weaknesses to mark you for and less for strong points. This is why many bodybuilding contests are won (or I should say lost) from the back. This starts at the shoulders. If your rear delts are missing like the smart kid who knows all the good spots in “hide and seek” then you’re not getting called out for a pose down. For those of us who aren’t trying to compete, the rear delts still play an important role in shoulder function like pulling in and rotation of the shoulder.

So how do we bring them up? How can we turn this weakness into a strength? There are plenty of strategies out there but these three rank among the top and the sooner you heed this advice, the sooner you’ll find the results you seek. Rear delts aren't a muscle group that you can see and they’re a smaller muscle group surrounded by the larger fibers of the back. Unfortunately, these secondary muscles can become dominant if primary mental stimulation doesn't enforce physical annihilation. By taking Pre-Kaged, the l-tyrosine, organic caffeine, and taurine will intensify the mind-muscle connection while the pure Citrulline, beta-power, and Carnosyn will promote blood flow specific to the muscle group being trained.


Most shoulder workouts start with some form of press, then laterals, and may end with something for the rear delts. If you consider them an afterthought, the results will show it. This is why you should actually train them first when you have the most energy and focus. Instead of going right to the heavy weights and banging out presses, start with a wide grip upright row or bent over lateral raises to target the rear delts first.

Hit Them More Often

You don’t just have to hit them first. You can also make sure that you hit them last too and bookend the workout with rear delt movements. Reverse pec decks or rear cable flyes make for great finishers. If you don’t like that idea, you could also add a second day to focus on them with a day you train a bigger muscle group like back. Back and rear delts make a great pairing since they are…well…you know…right there together.

Shock Them

You could also break the monotony of the typical “three sets of 10-12” and shock them with a serious dose of Dramatic Transformation Principle. 300 reps in a matter of a few minutes is going to be serious business and once the rear delts are finished with the onslaught you would inflict upon it, they would have no choice but to grow and improve. There are other ways like supersets, tri sets, drop sets, and other intensity boosters for you to consider as well. Just make sure you have your KM products ready to provide back up and help with that recovery.

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