4 Ways To Stay Motivated Over The Holidays

4 Ways To Stay Motivated Over The Holidays

Motivation comes from many sources for us all, the important part is that we do remain committed even during the holidays. There can be some sort of allowance made for the festive spirit, yet you can’t afford to veer too far away from your path. Below are 4 techniques you can use over the holidays to remain motivated.

1: Always Remember Why

Once upon a time you started training and dieting for a reason, there was something inside you which sparked this transition. What was it? For every person, the reason will differ, but the importance remains the same. Being mindful of why you started gives you the mental ammunition to keep going through times when your commitment is challenged.

2: Set New Goals

Maybe you have succeeded in achieving your goals for 2016 which is fantastic, but it doesn't mean you should start resting on your laurels now. As soon as one goal is realized another should take its place, by nature we are goal-orientated beings. It is in your DNA to seek new goals, allow yourself to do this by setting new ones. Even if that means getting up and doing cardio in the cold, embrace it because this resembles progress.

3: Succeed Together

There’s nothing more motivating that having somebody who is like minded working towards a common goal alongside you. Does this person already exist in your life, have you achieved goals together before? Or, do you need to find somebody who fills this void? Statistically, you are umpteen times more likely to succeed with a positive support network around you which starts with a great training partner. If that isn’t an option for you then seek support through the free TEAM KAGED MUSCLE Facebook group.

4: Look Back To Go Forward

They say to never look back, but you should in order to go forward. Refer to your “before” photos and witness how far you’ve already come. This is often the best source of internal motivation because you gain instant confirmation of your success, spurring you on to keep going. Humans will often worry themselves about how far they have to go, but reminding yourself of how far you’ve come can be extremely lifting.

Combined, those pointers above should help you stay motivated over the Holidays and prepare you for an amazing 2017. Watch out for Kris Gethin’s NEW 8 Week Hardcore Trainer which launches on January 2nd, now that’s motivating!

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