5 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Workouts

5 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Workouts

You’re about to hit the gym and are looking forward to putting in your best performance yet. Is there something you could be doing to ensure this happens?

Going in with a game plan will guarantee that this is the session you hit that PR.

Want a few tips to get you on your way?

Try any one of the following five for immediate results.

Get Psyched Up Beforehand

Take five minutes before you hit the gym and get psyched up. Watch a video of your favorite athlete, take a look at your progress pictures, or do whatever helps you get in the zone.

You should feel like you’re ready to push yourself to the limit before you even step foot in the gym.

Use An Intra-Workout Product

One of the best ways to boost your performance and keep it high is to use an intra-workout product.  IN-KAGED for instance not only provides energy boosting caffeine, but will also provide you with a good dose of taurine to help get you mentally ready to lift heavy.

Take this during your workout and you’ll last longer than you would without.

Ditch The Music

Sometimes, a great way to get more from your workout is actually putting your headphones away.  Tune into your breathing during each set and that, you may find, gives great inspiration to keep pushing hard.

You’ll hear just how much your body is working and will not have any distraction that music would otherwise provide.

Find New Music

At the same time, if you’re someone who can’t lift without music, a brand new song on your playlist can do the trick.  Channel the energy you get from the music, be it rock, metal, or something else into the weight you’re lifting.

Think About Each Muscle Contracting

Finally, to really get more from each workout, you need to focus in on what you are there for: intense muscle contractions.

Never let yourself just go through the movement. With each lift you do, you should be focusing on the muscle fibers contracting through each rep.  This will enhance your mind-muscle connection, improving proper form and keeping your head in the game.

So use these five tips to get more from your next workout. Are there any tips you use that you’d like to share?

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