4 Tips To Better Sleep

4 Tips To Better Sleep

By now you hopefully know that getting sufficient sleep at night is critical to your health, well-being, and fitness journey.

For many people, implementing this knowledge is the tricky part.  You either lay in bed at night tossing and turning or you simply don’t get the hours logged that you should.

Learning a few smart tips that’ll help you get a better night’s sleep may do the trick in helping you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face your day – not to mention your workouts.

Here’s how.

Take A Hot Bath Before Bed

Crawling into a hot bath about 30 minutes prior to bed is a great way to promote sleepiness. Not only will the hot water relax those hard-worked muscles from the gym, but it’ll raise your internal core body temperature.

Then, provided you’ve turned down the heat in your room, this change of temperature when you get out will help you feel sleepier.

Make Pre-Bed An Electronic Free Environment

If you burn the midnight oil browsing the Internet or checking social media on your smartphone, it’s time to put those away.  The light emitted from electronic devices can stimulate your brain, making it harder to sleep.

Turn off all electronics at least one hour prior to bed. Watch how much faster you sleep.

Watch Your Food And Beverage Consumption

While there’s nothing wrong with a light well-planned snack before bed, avoid overdoing your food or beverage intake. Too much liquid and you’ll awaken multiple times during the night to use the bathroom and a heavy meal could keep you up due to indigestion.

Focus on protein with some healthy fats and keep your calorie intake to around 200-300 before bed.

Utilize A Stress Journal

Finally, if stress is what keeps you awake, try out a stress journal. Write down whatever’s stressing you on paper. Getting those thoughts out can free them from your mind and then when you’re back awake the next day, you can then deal with them.

Try one of these four tricks together and you can be sleeping sounder. Don’t take the importance of sleep lightly. It really can make a big difference on your progress level.

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