Build Bigger Biceps with the Lying Cable Curl

Build Bigger Biceps with the Lying Cable Curl

Barbell curls, dumbbell curls, and preacher curls are always promoted as staples when it comes to biceps training. These three classic exercises are great but there are other movements that you should consider adding to your program that will isolate the muscles, help you as the lifter produce quality contractions while minimizing the chances of cheating or injury. If you’ve never tried lying cable curls before, then you’re in for a treat.

Lying cable curls will help you isolate the biceps while preventing you from cheating since your back is flat on the floor and it will be harder to create momentum. It’s also safer since the path of motion is a controlled one unlike using free weights. This combination makes for an awesome exercise for upper arm development.

How to Do It

Take either a straight bar or angled bar cable attachment and connect it to a low pulley of a cable station. If you have access to an adjustable positioned system, make sure the pulley is at the very bottom of the machine. Sit on the floor with your feet straddling the pulley and your legs straight. Reach forward and take an underhand grip of the attachment you chose to use as you would a free weight barbell or EZ Curl bar. While holding the attachment, lie back until your back and the back of your head are flat on the floor. Your arms should be extended with your upper arms close to your sides. Take a tight grip of the attachment. Using force in your biceps and while keeping your upper arms tight to your sides, curl the attachment up like you would a standing curl. Squeeze the biceps when they are contracted and the attachment is completely curled. Slowly straighten your arms and lower the attachment back to the starting position. This is one rep. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Add this exercise to your current biceps plan and perform three sets of 20 reps with one-minute rest between sets. It makes for a great finishing exercise.

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