Drop Sets for Fat Loss & Increased Muscle

Drop Sets for Fat Loss & Increased Muscle

People who don’t have a positive mindset and are afraid to challenge themselves feel that you can’t burn fat and build muscle at the same time. We as positive focused athletes know better. If you challenge yourself, put it in your mind that you will make it happen, and give all you have when it’s time to train, then you can achieve extraordinary results that can make others think you resorted to “other means” to get where you are. One way to push yourself with the weights is by adding drop sets to your program.

For those of you that are new to training, drop sets involve pushing yourself to failure with the weight you’re using, reducing that weight by a small amount so that you can continue, and performing more reps with that weight until you reach failure again. You can either stop at this point or if you really want to push the limits, drop the weight again and resuming your set to failure one more time.

The advantages? You can extend a set to help break down more muscle fibers than you would a straight set. This also challenges your muscular strength and endurance. When you recover, your muscles will take in the nutrients you give them so they can prepare for tough sets like that in the future. The result is more muscle. Furthermore, training harder and longer with drop sets means your body is going to need the energy to perform so you will burn more calories than you would with normal training. This can go a long way in helping you lose fat.

Keys to performing a drop set include having resistance that results in failure sooner rather than later, a spotter or partner to assist you and help you reduce weight quickly so you have less time to rest and more time to fatigue the muscles. They can be used with any exercise as long as you remember those factors.

Sample Drop Set Exercise

Barbell Curl – 100 pounds to failure, reduce the weight to 80 pounds, perform more reps until you reach failure, reduce the weight to 60 pounds, and go to failure one more time.

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