Hardcore Trainer Transformation: Male Runner Up

Hardcore Trainer Transformation: Male Runner Up

My Aha Moment

I decided to transform after my college football career ended. My playing weight was 320lb and over the Christmas following my final season I put on 20lbS. I hated how I looked and my family has a history of diabetes. I found Kris Gethin's 12-Week Hardcore Trainer online and lost 80lbs in 12 weeks.


Supplements Used

Morning: multi-vitamin, fish oil, joint supplements, Kaged Muscle BCAA, CLA, Kaged Muscle Carnitine, green tea extract

Post-cardio: Kaged Muscle BCAA, Kaged Muscle glutamine

Pre-workout: Kaged Muscle PRE-KAGED

Post-workout: Kaged Muscle RE-KAGED, Kaged Muscle Glutamine

Evening: Kaged Muscle Kasein, ZMA, melatonin. The PRE-KAGED was critical to my ability to bring the intensity in the gym during this program. This was especially true in the end when the carbs taper down.


My Daily Meals

Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs and oatmeal sweetened with sucralose or stevia

Snack: piece of fruit such as apple or grapefruit

Lunch: chicken breast, roasted broccoli, brown rice, zero-fat Greek yogurt

Snack: canned tuna, oatmeal sweetened with either sucralose or stevia

Workout supplements: PRE-KAGED, RE-KAGED

Dinner: ground turkey or chicken breast, salad, some form of complex carb (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal)

Evening: Kasein


Solid Advice

Kris said to put aside all the excuses and commit to the program. You need to weigh up what is most important to you.


The Challenges

The two biggest challenges were the high volume of cardio at the end of the program and the low carbs. I do not do well on low carbs. Get a good food-tracking app on your phone. This will help you be honest with yourself about how much you are eating. Planning ahead is absolutely necessary as I always meal prepped for the entire week on Sundays, but I also kept some quick snacks ready at all times in case something messed with my schedule. This was critical when I was forced to transition to working nights during the program and had to do 11 days in a row. I had followed several other of Kris Gethin's programs and had always enjoyed the results. I also love to compete, so the challenge that came with the program was a major pull for me. I have found a successful formula so would be crazy to change it.


The Next Steps

I jumped into the 4weeks2shred program following the 8-week transformation, so I have lost even more weight and am in the best shape of my life.


Overcoming Obstacles

As I always meal prepped, I would bring my meals to social gatherings. I would also be sure to bring a zero-fat Greek yogurt with me which I would use as a dessert. I did mess up once, which was during the Superbowl, but being prepared with meals ensured that I could keep to the diet for the rest of the program.

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