5 HIIT Cardio Workouts to Blast Fat

5 HIIT Cardio Workouts to Blast Fat

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a highly effective cardio training style. In fact, just 10 minutes of this metabolism-revving cardio can burn through more calories than a full 40-minute steady-state cardio session on the treadmill.

Give your fat loss efforts a boost with one of these five workouts that you can incorporate into your daily training routine.


Load 4 – 8, 45lb / 20kg plates on a prowler and perform 5 x 50-yard sprints. For most gyms, this is normally down and back, so sprint down, flip it around and sprint straight back. Wait for around 2 minutes and repeat for 5 total intervals. No prowler? Swap this routine for Deadmill Sprints.


This is similar to a prowler sprints, but performed on a static treadmill. After warming up with some fast walking and maybe 1 – 2 minutes of a slower run, stop the treadmill completely. Similar to a Prowler, lean into the handles on the treadmill and start to sprint. After around 5 seconds you should be powering the treadmill manually, continue to sprint for around 15 – 25 seconds. Slowly bring the treadmill to a stop and rest for around 90 seconds before repeating for 5 – 7 complete sets.


These are the most famous HIIT sprints known as the “Wingate”, adapted to your general gym bike. Set the bike on a low level, start to pedal as fast as possible then immediately crank the resistance up to high. You should last 10 – 20 seconds before you are down to a very slow spin, at which point you stop.

If you do 10 seconds, rest 60 – 90 seconds and repeat 7-8 times.

If you last 20 seconds, rest 90 – 120 seconds and repeat 5 times.

If your bike tracks RPM (reps or revolutions per minute), you should be aiming to hit least 150RPM before dropping the resistance.


Perfect for when you can’t make it down to the gym hit the outdoors and find a steep hill. After you’ve warmed up, perform a 20 – 30-second flat-out sprint and slowly walk back down. Take 10-20 seconds at the bottom and repeat for 5 total sets.  This could also be performed on a treadmill set at the steepest incline, just be careful to not fall off!


This alternative is only suitable for those with excellent technique, as most will struggle to create enough power output in a short period of time. After a 5 minute warm up, set the rower at the maximal intensity and perform a 30-second flat-out sprint. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for 7 complete sets.

Now remember, you only need to complete one of these programs per session. This can be added onto the end of a normal workout or completed separately at another time of day or on a day off. If you’re looking to replace it with steady state cardio during a diet, try doing this with around 15 minutes steady state post intervals to really shred the fat!

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