How to Smash Your Goals in 2019

How to Smash Your Goals in 2019

A new year, a new you?

How many times have you set a New Year’s goal only to have it dwindle away by February? If that sounds familiar to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Generally, around 90% of people who set fitness goals on January 1st have quit or failed them by February.

So we ask you, are you ready to fully commit to your goal this year? If so, follow our proven goal-setting blueprint, provided below, to smash any target you set in 2019.

Set Goals Then Write Them Down

Before you can achieve any goals you must first set them, sounds obvious right? Although you may set them roughly in your head, we are now going to discuss how you truly set goals so you can reach them.

While your goals must be specific and challenging, it’s most important that they’re written down in ink. Even the best goal in your head is not really a goal at all until it’s committed to pen and paper.

Write it down in your diary, on your phone, a calendar, on a sticky note by your desk, or on your fridge. You get the idea, just write it down and make sure it’s visible to you at multiple points throughout the day to keep you focused on it.

Ensure this goal is clear and specific. If your goal is to lose weight, do not simply write “I want to lose weight”. Write down the exact amount of weight and when you want to lose it by. You can take it a step further by adding details about why you want to lose it, and how your life will be better when you’ve achieved the goal, such as how you will feel and how you will be healthier. Write down the benefits, making sure they are specific and clear, including as many details as you need to stay motivated and excited for the goal.

Next, ensure your goal scares you. Don’t write down that you want to lose 5 lb if you actually want to be 6% body fat. Modest goals equal modest results. If you want something badly enough, don’t water it down so it’s easily attainable, because you want to avoid failing. While most people recommend you set modest goals which are simple, we don’t follow the norm here at Kaged Muscle. We are all about excellence and breaking the norm, so, make sure that goal challenges you and pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

Plan Your Goals, Then Take Action

Once you’ve got a clear vision of your goal, it’s time to break it down and develop an action plan. Most people fail in attempting to reach their goal because they haven’t put a useable and daily action plan into place.

At the end of the day, it’s the small, daily actions you take that will determine your success. If you don’t break your goal down into progressive steps and work towards them every day, you will be back in this exact same position in 12 months time.

So, if you set a goal of losing 20 lb of body fat by summer, what daily actions and lifestyle changes do you need to make so this becomes a reality? Break it down, do the research, establish your nutrition, training, and supplement plans, and make sure that you take action every day to reach your goals. Magically, when you take the exact action you need every day, you’ll achieve your goals before you know it.

Break it down, create a step-by-step plan and take action, all day, every day.

Monitor Your Goals

For some of your larger, long-term goals, it’s important to monitor progress. This is easier to do when you’ve broken it down into small, incremental steps. Monitoring your progress through these steps will let you know that you’re still on the right path, even months down the road. Without this system, your goal can quickly be forgotten, leaving you no further ahead than you were on January 1st.

If you have a goal that stretches over 12 months, break it down into monthly mini goals or milestones you’ll need to hit in order to achieve the ultimate long-term goal. For example, if you want to gain 10 lb of lean mass over the next 12 months, this means you’ve got to add around 0.83 lb of lean muscle each month.

10 lb of lean muscle is a ton of muscle to put on in a year. In fact, it will make you look like a totally different person. When you only focus on the end goal, it seems insurmountable, but, adding 0.83 lb of lean muscle per month sounds much more achievable. This smaller goal gives you something to check off each month, and something more realistic to monitor.

Set Multiple Goals

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of planning and writing down a successful goal, you need to take the time to set all the goals you have in mind for the year.

Try to set at least one goal in the following categories: your family life, finances, business, general lifestyle, and health and fitness. Covering as many facets of life will keep you working towards a well-rounded life. Remember, it’s a snowball effect, once you are achieving excellence in one area of your life, everything else follows suit.

Sign Up For A Transformation Challenge

Most people need a structured plan in order to reach their goals. If you want to take the guesswork out of losing fat and building muscle this year why not sign up for a transformation program that’s designed to help you reach your goals! Joining a community of people that are working towards the same goals and having some awesome prizes as a reward for your hard work are two key elements that will help you to stay on track. Sign up for the Kaged Muscle 2019 Transformation Challenge now for FREE and start off 2019 the right way!

Follow these tips to improve your success rate when you set your goals for the upcoming year. Just remember, whatever goals you set, make sure they are worth setting and mean something to you. Make sure they are going to change your life and challenge you in new ways, if they don’t, you simply won’t have the motivation to achieve them.

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