Look to Your Social Media for Inspiration

Look to Your Social Media for Inspiration

Almost everyone nowadays has social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, BodySpace, Instagram, or something else, it’s become a regular part of our lives that we can access anytime we want thanks to computers, tablets, and smartphones. Social media is normally one of the first things we do in our day. We log on, check messages, look at what our friends have posted, and proceed to like, share, or post comments. Any of this sounding familiar? Of course it does.

Have you ever considered using social media to helping yourself reach your fitness goals? It’s actually quite easy because of the fact that you are in control of your page so you dictate what you follow, like, or want to see on your news feed. Aside from keeping up with people that are special to you like family and friends, you can follow pages and people that inspire you in fitness. Whether it’s Kris Gethin’s or the Kaged Muscle pages you follow (you should by the way) or other people in bodybuilding and fitness that inspire you, make sure you set up your pages so their posts are the first things you see when you log on for the day. That way, when you see what they’re sharing, you’re mentally stimulated and motivated to do your best in the gym and focused on following your nutrition plan of choice.

Also, follow in those people’s footsteps and share your own positive vibes as well as progress statuses and pics of how far you’ve come in your own journey so you can pay that positivity forward and inspire others. This will also make sure you are held accountable and are giving your best every day since you know your friends and followers are paying attention to what you’re doing and cheering you on.

There is another point to this that you should consider. Unfortunately when it comes to social media, there are people and groups who seem to post mostly negative images and comments that can potentially bring you down. This is what you need to avoid. If you know people that match this description, you simply must hide them or unfollow them so their attitude doesn’t affect you and prevent you from moving forward.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. Set up your accounts and pages so they can help you start or end your day on a positive note and you’ll be more likely to move forward instead of backward. Just don’t work on them while you’re working out. Finish training before you take that selfie.

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