Row to Grow: The Top 3 Rowing Movements to Build a Bigger Back

Row to Grow: The Top 3 Rowing Movements to Build a Bigger Back

As various forms of bench pressing are to chest, the row is an essential part of back training. If you want that appearance of power and the thick knots that make the back look strong and detailed, then rowing is what it will take. There are several versions of the row so you have options to choose from. Which types of row exercises are best? Here are three great choices for you to add to your own program.

One Arm Dumbbell Row 

The advantage to the one arm row is now you can isolate either side of your back. There is still a feeling of power with this movement because you’re holding on to a heavy dumbbell and fighting gravity to pull that weight up into your side with straight force. How many inspiring pics of your favorite bodybuilders have you seen over the years pulling on a heavy dumbbell that looks like it’s the length of a coffee table? It’s because one arm rows work…and they look cool too.

Bent Over Barbell Row 

Both of your arms are connected and holding on to one object, a bar with heavy weight on it. This means that you’re able to take on more volume than you would be able to if both arms had to work independently. Since you’re in a bent over position and not holding on to anything for support, your lower back will be stressed as well. You can either go with an underhand grip so you can handle more weight and the biceps can join the party or go with an overhand grip which can put all the pressure on the back and take the biceps out of the equation.

T-Bar Row

Now you have an exercise that can be the best of both worlds. You’re pulling on heavy weight like you would with a traditional bent over row but you’re performing it in a fixed, controlled motion like you would with a machine row. T-bar rows normally require you to use a closer grip so you can get a longer range of motion. This movement can be done on a prepared machine, by sticking a barbell in a land mine, or going “old school” and jamming one end of a bar into a corner with someone or a heavy object holding that end down. If you don’t have a machine or pre-made handle, you can use a V-handle like you would on pulldowns to hold on to while performing this exercise.

Once you have successfully implemented these exercises into your training regime, you can check out more back exercises here.

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